Have you ever played warzone games? It is always a pleasure to play games with a hectic schedule. Gen Z enjoys playing virtual games. People from the United States, and United Kingdom are eagerly awaiting the Rebirth Island warzone games. The When is Coming Back Rebirthpost today contains all details about the warzone gameplay. Please read this post for the most recent information.

Rebirth Island

Call of Duty announced Warzone season 5, a few months ago. Many changes were made to the gameplay in the update, including new guns and operators. Sources claim that the team stated that this season of the game would be the last. This means that Rebirth Island will see some amazing changes.

Rebirth Island Coming Back

Rebirth Island will be made available to gamers starting August 26, 2022. Raven Software will launch the new map and mode rotation. Rebirth Island Quads will be replaced by the current mainstays for weekdays. Rebirth Island could be added to the ranks of Last Call, Plunder and Fortune’s Keep. The Random Poll will also include Caldera Resurgence as well as Iron trails. Rebirth Island will receive a stunning colour combination, such as a mix of cool and warm colors. Rebirth Island has not shared any information about When is Rebirth Island Coming back.

Rebirth Island Gone

You can see the daily rotation of game modes in the first four weeks Season 5. LTM plus will also be available on weekends as per the normal cycle. We have provided some rotation modes for gameplay on weekdays in the following.

  • Rebirth Resurgence Quads
  • Caldera Resurgence Quads
  • Rebirth Iron Trials Quads
  • Caldera Iron Trials Quads

Below is the three-game mode available Monday through Thursday.

  • Battle Royale (Quads, Trios, Solos)
  • Plunder
  • Fortune keeps its Resurgence

When is Coming Back Rebirth is a popular topic among warzone gamers. CharlieIntel tweeted Rebirth Island Map has unset themes and more vibrant colours. He also confirmed that Rebirth Island will be available during Week 2 of Season 5.


This concludes this write-up. We will inform readers about Rebirth Island’s return date. We also have some gameplay modes.

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