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What do you know about the latest riddles? Do you remember trying to solve any of these riddles in the past? Many riddles have become a social media trend. Do you enjoy solving riddles and puzzles? Did you enjoy solving riddles? Here’s the solution.

These riddles are popular with people from the United States. The riddles are popular. When My Dad Was 31 I Was 8 Years Old

The most talked about social media puzzle:

My father was 31 years old when I was 8 years. He is now twice my ages. What is my age? Riddle: The Solution is explained in detail here. Only 23 words are required to find the exact answer. Below is an explanation of how to solve the problem arithmetically. Riddle is very popular on social media platforms, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and WhatsApp. Many people love to play riddles for both brain stimulation and fun. In the end, we have provided the link to play riddles.

When I was 8 my Dad was 31

The explanation can be found by searching Riddle. You can find out more about my age at 8 years. My father was 31. He is currently two years older than me. What is my age? Riddle. It is not a puzzle. Popular pastimes include cognitive puzzles and puzzles. These are all aspects of public media forwards that are visible right now. Although delivering difficult puzzles is still a favorite, bizarre riddles have been growing in popularity recently. Below is an arithmetic explanation.

The answer is that When my Dad was 31

A popular viral puzzle has been around for a while. Take into account the fact that my father had 31 children when I was 8 years. He is currently twice my current age. What is my age? riddle.

Have fun speculating about the solution. It is obvious that there is some math involved. The puzzle was solved.

The answer is 23.

Reason: The child is 8 years old. The difference between them is represented by (31-8=23). Here is the When Was I 8 My Dad Was 31 answer

Adding points to create a solution.

Let his father’s current age be “x”. His son’s age is now “x-23.”


Thus, his father would be 46 and his son 23 years. Son is therefore 23 years old.


The online resources revealed that riddles have gained popularity on all social media platforms, which is a sign that people are eager for the answers. This is how the riddle was solved. Read more about riddles. Play online

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