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Many memes have appeared on the internet about Jada Smith and Will Smith. Will Smith is often mocked. It’s no secret that Hollywood stars are prone to controversy. People discuss everything from their personal to professional lives. Recently, Jada was reported to have cheated on Will Smith. Is it true or not?

Jada cheated on Will Let’s find it out. The following article will cover different perspectives. The news is of interest to many people, including those from the United Kingdom (UK), Canada (USA), Australia , and United States (US), , and Australia .

What happened between Jada Smith & Will Smith?

After many years of dating Jade, Will and Jade finally decided to get married in 1997. Jade was pregnant that year and gave birth in the same year to Jaden. In 2000, the couple welcomed their first child together. Later, the couple experienced many differences, which we found out from interviews and the news. Has Jada cheated on Will Smith? This is not confirmed. As per the news, however, there are some rumours.

According to rumours Jade didn’t want to marry, but was forced by her mother.

Latest rumours

Jada is rumored to have cheated upon Will. She had once revealed that she had an unmarried affair with August while Will Smith was still married. Later she confessed that she regretted her actions. August had already spoken about Jada and Will was constantly questioned. He always denied it.

Jada was a cheater on Will when it happened?

According to our research, Will denied all allegations that Jada had cheated on his. Gayle asked Will questions about Jada’s current relationship during an interview in March 2022. He spoke out about their differences but said that Jada never had cheated. Many rumors and allegations have surfaced regarding their marriage. Will has maintained his calm in the face of all these allegations.

Chris Rock made fun Jada in Oscar, comparing her shaved locks with Demi’s appearance on GI Jane. Jada and Will Cheat On Will has been taken down. Chris then got on the podium to smack Chris.

Will didn’t accept the joke that Chris made about Jada during Oscar. Will was always there for Jada, even when they accused her of cheating. This controversy has inspired a lot of memes via social media.


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