If you are thinking about sharing a nanny with another family, there are a few things you should consider before making the decision. One of the most important things you can do is choose the right nanny for you and your child. The nanny you choose should be an individual who can be trusted to care for your child while also interacting with both families.


Communication is key whether you’re considering a nanny share or already have a nanny. Having the right strategies to keep your communication lines open can make all the difference in your relationship with your nanny. This includes having a communication plan.

There are many benefits to a nanny share. One of these is the opportunity to keep your costs down. Using a nanny share is a great way to cut costs and get the best care for your child. However, a nanny-share relationship is more complicated than your average employee-employer relationship. It is important to understand what is a nanny share, the nanny’s capabilities, and expectations.

To maintain communication, it is vital to schedule regular check-ins. A weekly nanny check-in can help your nanny feel valued. These can include discussing any problems you might be having with your nanny.

Other forms of communication include text messages and group messaging. Some nanny-share families choose to have one parent as the point person to keep the lines of communication open. Others use social media or email to stay in touch with their nanny.

When it comes to the nanny’s day, a daily log can be a good way to keep track of your nanny’s activities. Include items such as feeding, playing, toileting, and other tasks. Also, a list of unusual events is a good idea.

Consider some other things, including guaranteed pay, vacations, and bonuses. Make sure to set up a contract that outlines these things to avoid unnecessary complications.

You should also have a sit-down discussion at least once a week. This can be a good time to discuss a few small things and the bigger picture.

Finding a Nanny that Works Equally Well 

If you’ve decided to set up a nanny to share with another family, you’ll need to find a nanny that works equally well for both families. However, some things could be improved in this arrangement.

You’ll need to talk to your nanny and the other family about handling each situation. This is especially important when there is a medical problem or a child with allergies. It’s also important to address the nanny’s schedule and vacation time. The nanny will have a lot of contact with both families and may need to take sick days or be paid extra.

One of the best ways to find a nanny that works for both families is to join a local parenting group. Many online message boards and parenting groups can match you up with a nanny.

Before you begin a nanny share, you should be clear on what you expect from your nanny. Discuss how often you want to see her, how you want to pay her, and how you plan to handle the nanny quit situation.

Nanny shares are a great way to save money. But you’ll need to work closely with the other family to make it work. They should be willing to accommodate your nanny and ensure the relationship is comfortable.

Ideally, you’ll have two children in the same age group. That will allow you to make a more even hourly rate. However, you can also split the costs if you have more than two children.

Having a good nanny share will help your kids become independent and socially well-adjusted. They’ll have the opportunity to make friends and learn in a safe environment. Make sure your nanny is happy with the arrangement and you can communicate with her regularly.

Coordination of Vacations and Time Off

Regarding the family budget, coordinating the big dawg and her mates is no small feat. Despite a good game plan, the munchkin might have difficulty staying out of the sandbox. The best strategy is to have a plan B at the ready. The most important component is a flexible nanny. A nanny whose credentials can be easily verified can handle business with minimal effort. Similarly, a high-quality nanny can save you a ton of money. With an eye on the prize and a nanny at your disposal, your next vacation could be a family affair.

Paying the Nanny

A nanny share is a popular option for many families. It provides the advantages of a nanny at a reduced rate and highly customized care. However, it can also be a headache. With a nanny share, you must follow special payroll rules. Unlike a single-family nanny, a nanny share employee has deemed an employer and must be paid accurately and on time every pay period.

The first step is to create a contract. This document will outline the terms of the relationship and keep parties on the same page. If there is a dispute, the agreement can help avoid unnecessary complications. Also, the contract should include emergency procedures.

Next, you must decide how to split the nanny share rate. Some families will evenly divide the share rate, while others will divide it more or less. A successful nanny share requires frequent and regular meetings. These meetings are important to foster a strong relationship with your nanny. They can be held on a weekly or biweekly basis. In addition, they can be a great way to discuss child care and other nanny issues.