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Do you remember the name Tokyo? Can you solve yesterday’s (6 Juni 2022) crossword clue? Daily There were many hints that were difficult to find on 6 June. Different countries play the game, including the United Kingdom Canada and Australia.

We can learn more about The Formerly Known As Tokyo.

The original name of Tokyo

Daily Themed Crossword is a crossword game that features puzzles down and across. It is unlikely that anyone could solve the puzzle alone. Players will not find the right answer because of the many complicated clues in the Daily themed game. One clue in the Puzzle of June 6 included the old Tokyo name.

Some people knew what the answer was, while others couldn’t guess. The answer is here. Tokyo was once called “EDO”. People have been confused by this three-letter name, and players confirm it through multiple sources.

What Tokyo Was Before Called Daily Themed

The most unusual answer to yesterday’s Themed Crossword hint has been discussed. You will be given clues, and then you must guess the word in each row and column. It increases the player’s ability to think critically and improves their intellectual abilities.

The game is easy and straightforward. To discover the hint, you will need to get to the game and visit each of the blocks. If you have the answer, please enter it in the appropriate boxes. For example, you might be given hints in 1d, 1a or 2d boxes. Just like 15d’s hint, Was Earlier Called Tokyo?, you will need to type your correct answer in 15.

Where do you play Daily Themed Crossword Puzzle?

The Daily Themed Crossword app is available in both Google Play for Androids as well as the App Store for IOS. It is easy to install the game on your mobile device. To start the game, you will first need to sign up. The game will be easy to comprehend once you do that. After that, all you need to do is look at the hints and figure out the answer.

The daily Themed Crossword contains multiple words you will have to retrieve. You can read more about the puzzle game by visiting Tokyo.


This article is about Tokyo’s past name. Tokyo was once called EDO. The answer may be known by many, but it is not always easy for some players to find the right answer. Themed Crossword will give you hints to solve the puzzle. Below is detailed information on the Crossword Game. For more information on Daily Themed Crossword visit this link.

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