Wearing the right clothes makes a difference in every situation, especially during headshots. How we dress conveys information about ourselves and the context in which we are inserted. Information such as our personality, how confident we are in the moment, our liking, and more, are shown through our clothing.

That’s why you need to ensure that your clothing evokes how you want to be perceived since the headshot will most likely be used to establish your professional identity. Many people don’t know how to dress to make a good first impression but don’t worry. Let’s give you some great ideas on what you should wear for your headshot.

Avoid Overly-Casual Clothing

Some companies are famous for being casual and relaxed. However, avoid overly-casual clothing even if you’re planning to work in them. It may send the wrong message to your possible bosses. Formal clothing shows more authority and confidence, so even if you want to look casual, search for something a bit formal that matches your image.

Remember that the way you feel at the moment will probably be shown in the photo, so be comfortable. Choose something that you like and are comfortable wearing. Formal blouses, suits, and ties are a great option for those who need an extra boost of confidence. Also, even though the headshot doesn’t capture your legs and shoes, you may want to dress completely to feel better and more confident.

Style According to Your Industry

What to wear at your headshot?” is hard to answer since it completely depends on your personality and the industry you work/want to work with. You should wear similar clothing to the people in your industry, especially those who work in the position you are hoping to get. For example, a want-to-be actor shouldn’t wear a black blazer in most cases since it shows a “too-tight” and “corporate” image. However, an executive should be wearing some sort of blazer or suit.

Dress Like You Would if You Were in a Meeting with The Person That Will View your Headshot

Knowing what the headshot is for is essential since the answer will be necessary to know how you should dress. If it is, indeed, a headshot for trying to get a new job, wanting to stand out more in your company, or anything work-related, you should think about how you want to portray yourself and how your photo will probably be perceived.

A great tip is to dress as you would if you were going to meet the person that would view your photo. This question helps you create a bigger context for the situation, letting you know your expectations and which clothing responds better to them.

Find the Right Photographer

All the effort that finding the right clothes requires is wasted when the photographer doesn’t know how to take a good picture. You need to find the right photographer that knows how to value your image and the story you want to tell. That’s why you need Mateus Studios, one of the best with a great portfolio of headshots. Go to their website and check them out. Who knows, you may even get inspiration for what to wear for your headshot.