Regular, cruiser skateboards have been around for about 60 years (1959) but the most related ancestor of the electric skateboard (the gasoline powered skateboard) debuted about 16 years later in 1975. 

It is 2022 now, 60 years has passed which has seen the birth of electric skateboards that are just like riding magic carpets over surfaces both smooth and coarse on only 2 feet!

The electric skateboard features a battery pack which grants it a number of advantages over traditional skateboards.

Pros of Electric Skateboards.

  1. Commute

If your commute is longer than 7-10 minutes the Voeep electric skateboard would be a better bet than the traditional because of its speed which is totally under your control. With the electric skateboard, you can get to much farther destinations in the several kilometer range without breaking a sweat from pushing forward with your foot like you would with your traditional skateboard. If walking would get you there in 25 minutes, an electric skateboard can get you there in as little as 8 minutes. For comparison, while a traditional skateboard can get you to your destination via the same routes in a short amount of time, it would still be 50% to 70% slower than an electric skateboard!

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  1. Range and Batteries:

Because the electric skateboard is powered by a battery, how far it can go before it needs a battery change is something you have to consider. High capacity batteries will last longer before a replacement is required. Your choice of batteries depends on your commute; small capacity batteries would suit short commutes better, while longer commutes require high capacity batteries.

Lithium batteries are the go-to for electric skateboards and can support up to a maximum of about half a thousand cycles of full charges and discharges before a significant drop in range is noticed, which usually indicates a time for battery replacement.

For example, if your commute for each day is about 10 kilometers, you can use your battery for about 4 years before a replacement is due.

  1. Weight and size:

Electric skateboards are generally heavier than traditional skateboards because of the extra components like the battery. Their weight is usually in the 4kg to 6kg range depending on their types and build.

  1. Maneuver and stability:

The electric skateboard generally offers mode stability because of its heavier weight. The deck height, wheels and road conditions are other factors which affect the stability of a skateboard; neither of these affect the electric skateboard because the electric skateboard has heavier wheels than the traditional skateboard, and the deck height is more important in the traditional skateboard because it determines how much effort is required to push it; something that isn’t necessary in an electric skateboard with remote controlled speed.

Maneuvers are easier with the electric skateboard because a slight lean in the desired direction with your weight is all it takes.

  1. The Brake/Remote Control:

The speed of an electric skateboard is controlled by the remote. While you can certainly move fast with the electric skateboard at the press of a button, it is advised that the brake be employed gradually if you don’t want to find yourself face first on the floor from stopping too quickly.

  1. Durability: The electric skateboard is generally less durable than the traditional skateboard which can last for much longer due to the absence of the replaceable electrical components of the electric skateboard. 

Commuting has been made easier by electric skateboards. Check more to make it happen. Whether for your commute to and from work, school, or cruising around your hometown, the electric skateboard makes it as easy as hovering over the ground!