As soon as you arrive at the Lost ark Bern mainland, you should start to complete the related world chain. It is recommended to complete it to the end, but if the character has reached level 50, it is best to be the first to unlock the ultimate move and the last ability with the goddess. This is necessary to unlock the two daily quests, The Endless Whirl of Life\Sylphs Friends (for the latter, complete all quests in the Twilight Forest location) and open the final area, which is a must for where the weekly endgame events are. Many people forget. The location of Ash Mountains is the entrance to the maze – the event currently allows you to earn five sharps per week (aquarium). As the game’s content evolves, higher-level variants of the maze will appear to meet the needs of players. Usually, there is an NPC not far from the entrance that sells various items in exchange for the particular currency of the maze (coins hereafter), but most importantly, you need to buy a pass from him. Without it, the player will not be able to activate the player’s choice /Enter Solo.

Unfortunately, an unpleasant feature is associated with tickets that can only be purchased with Lost Ark Gold, Silver, and Chalcedony. Also, the last two currencies have a limited number of tickets, while you can buy as many tickets as you want with gold. How many tickets the player needs depends on what he wants to get. For example, 50 coins are required for 5 points. For this, you have to buy 13 on average, and the fact is that four coins drop from a maze, rarely 5 (purple less frequently, but it is better to forget them immediately).

The maze is an activity designed for 1-4 people and can be quickly closed by one person, it will just be a bit longer than a group of four, so I recommend you always use matchmaking (fortunately, there are enough users).

The campaign itself is split into two phases, and it’s honestly pretty straightforward. And if you’ve played Diablo 3, it probably reminds you of the Rift, as the overall concept here is the same.

Stage 1 – You have to fill the progress bar to 100% and kill the mobs on the map.

Stage 2 – Once the scale reaches 100%, all the mobs will disappear from the map, a chubby boss will appear in the center, and the currency will fall from him.

Since this activity has to be done at least 14 times, my advice is not to run in groups and instead focus on the map to reduce the overall time to fill the progress bar.

To simplify the first phase, the developers decided to come up with two exciting features:

After opening the map, you’ll see a sword-shaped icon, which is how elite enemies are marked, and, when killed, will give the character a particular buff. For example, an electric field will appear around him, causing damage.

Also, there is a towering icon on the map. If you destroy it, the mobs will keep appearing in this place for quite a while, which will speed up the first stage, especially if you have several devastating AOE spells.


As I’ve already written in the beginner’s summary topic, the ocean content is divided into so-called activities (killing creatures, fishing, diving, treasure hunting) and islands, separate little locations scattered across the Lost Ark world.

Under this heading, I decided to collect some islands that I think are interesting, from which you can get valuable items and unlock new daily alliance quests.

Note that the total number of islands is much larger. I can’t describe each island individually. They are divided into standard (always available) and events (only appearing at certain times/days).

And for general awareness, any island in the list below is easy to find by writing its name in the map search bar, but you need to move it as far as possible. If you are on a map of a continent or location, the search will not work.

Normal Turtle Island

After completing the purple quest, you’ll receive an item to buy amount (a Lutheran NPC), a skill point bank for a peaceful class, the heart of the island, and a daily quest for 9000 credits.

Normal Dreamy Seagull Island

There is only one purple quest here (touch the trekking backpack near the entrance). When did they give the island heart? However, first, you need to get a song from Lullaby Island (described below) and a second dance, which is provided after a short quest on the cruise ship (quest from Lilliputian dancing on the red stage).

Normal Starsong Beacon

After reaching this island, we immediately accept the purple quest and start completing it. Because of it, you will receive the island’s heart and dots, and most importantly, you can buy a particular song from the NPC. This will require collecting 50 Wandering Souls and will take quite a while. The first method is through the daily quest Endless Vortex of Life, the second method is to develop a relationship with the NPC ghost girl at the location of Xianglin (Anshu). If she is not there, you must complete all the yellow quests, and if I remember correctly, they fell from marine life.

Normal Pandang

After completing the purple quest, the daily 40 blue crafting tool quests in Efon Union are available. Also, after completing the quest, it is possible to develop a relationship with the central pad, and the Heart of the Island is given the highest rank.

Normal Meteor Land

The heart of this island can only be obtained randomly when collecting stars. Here you need to complete a relatively long quest to unlock daily quests and get a jar to increase your character’s fame. There is also an NPC ready to trade your common/rare stars for purple/red attribute gems.

Escape Village: On this island, it unlocks a straightforward and quick daily quest, Arrest Criminals, but I can’t remember if you need to complete purple because you’ll need the Pirate Coins at a particular point stage. After completing seven daily quests, Efner’s reputation will give you a chance to earn the Heart of the Island. On top of that, you need to catch three fugitives that appear in specific places on the map, and the maps drawn by the for a long time will help their search. I just changed the names to Russian.

Normal Totopia

Inhabited by smart-talking animals, Efon Union’s daily quest becomes available after completing the main quest on the island (you have to run a lot). After completing six daily quests with Efona’s reputation, it is possible to capture the island’s heart.

NormalFortune Coast

An island full of jugs. Honestly, it doesn’t serve any purpose other than being the island’s heart, and it drops randomly after the pitcher is broken. If you have nothing to do, you can try to get it.

Event Forfait

Arriving on the island, we immediately set off to find a chest, and we need to open it and turn it into a rooster before we can use a unique ability that deals 7M damage (note that in this case, the rooster will explode and your character will have 1 HP). This island is known as the rooster for its features and pictures among ordinary people. On this island, the player’s main task is to kill a fat boss with around 116 million health, but this has to be done unusually. In theory, killing the boss requires 16 players to encounter the boss, which can be said to reduce his HP instantly. Otherwise, he will recover significantly. Unfortunately, our version of the chicken skill only hits 2 million losses, so this island cannot pass.

Event Lullaby Island

NPCs sell the Song of Resonance on the liner for 10 Red Crystals, and the easiest way to obtain it is to explore the destroyed shipwreck. Once on the island, we’ll immediately go to the stage for a purple quest, and they’ll be asked to collect three voices. About 3 minutes after the player enters the island, an event will appear in the distance, requiring a user to play a resonance. After that, the creeper in front of you will disappear, opening the next part of the event in the cave, where you need to play the above song 30 times to complete the event. The player must play in the circle at least once to get the reward. Only in this case will a chest drop, guaranteeing you will get a purple quest sound flute from the chest and possibly the island’s heart.

Event Greed Island

Greed Island is a PvP-only island that offers delicious rewards in the form of valuable sailors and the ability to buy gold (purchased with a particular currency). Note that the currency is issued based on the location taken, and the minimum amount is 3, so even if you don’t like PvP, this island is worth a visit as it appears several times a day. To start the event, you have to collect X swords stuck on the ground and watch a small cutscene, after which all players become hostile.

Event Boral Island

The main task is to kill two considerable crocodiles in the central pit ring as it has guns that shoot cannonballs and harpoons around it. Their supplies can be obtained simply by collecting them all over the map (for Harpoons only) or dropping them after killing opponents (cannonball drops). Here’s a little trick to help you kill crocodiles quickly, barrels of explosives appear periodically in the pits, and if you guess when they explode after they’ve been destroyed, they can do a lot of damage.