Have you ever seen a house for sale where the pictures look like they’re straight out of a magazine?

Chances are, the home was staged to look picture perfect so that everything from the curb appeal to the walkthrough of the house goes smoothly. 

Have you ever wondered what the home staging process is like? Whether you’re curious because it’s something you’d like to do yourself or out of genuine curiosity, keep reading to learn more about this topic.

The Exterior

Part of any home selling checklist includes the exterior of the home, which means that this area is typically staged as well.

From making sure that the landscaping is in tip-top shape to creating an outdoor area that feels inviting and ready to entertain by selecting appropriate outdoor furniture, this space is not forgotten.

The Interior

While the outside isn’t neglected, the inside is the area that will have the most significant impact on the home appraisal value and the minds of potential buyers.

But, what exactly is done inside when it comes to the staging process?

Room by Room Analysis

The home stager will go through the house room by room and determine what changes should be made. Whether the room needs something big changed or something small, ultimately, the choice is up to you.

Most people let the stagers take care of the brunt of the work, but it’s also possible to have someone come in and do an assessment while you carry out their ideas on your own.

Repurposing Space

Your home works for you because you live in it and set it up the way you did for a reason.

Realistically, there might be a better way to utilize the space inside the house. For example, a stager might convert a bedroom to an office, change a formal dining room into something else, etc.

Rearranging and Redoing Furniture

Furniture can make or break a space. A home stager will undoubtedly focus on furniture if you are selling your home. They might rearrange the existing furniture, remove pieces, or replace parts with new ones that they believe better showcase the space.

Replacing Outdated Elements

It’s not a home stager’s job to knock down walls or do major renovations.

So, they work within the existing space to make it as appealing as possible. This includes making minor adjustments to things like carpets, light fixtures, and finishes throughout the home.

Home Staging in a Nutshell

This practice is in high demand as the real estate market soars to new heights considering 82% of people find it easier to envision living in a space when it’s staged.

Home staging is essentially a marketing tactic designed to help a home appeal to as many people as possible. Think of it like makeup, not plastic surgery.

If you’d like to get in-depth knowledge on the subject, consider taking a staging course.

The Home Staging Process Explained

Home staging is a common occurrence that many people don’t realize happens. 

This article walked you through the home staging process and what it entails. Whether you’re looking to become a stager or hire a stager, this article provided you with some valuable information on the subject.

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