Do you know about the latest online trend? There are a variety of topics that are trending on social media daily. The most talked about topic that is taking online by storm one related to NASA.

People from countries such as that of United States and the United Kingdom are in a frenzy over the question: What picture did NASA take when I was Born And here you’ll be able to get the answer to this question.

What Is This All About?

NASA’s revolutionary technology is monitoring space 24 hours per day and 7 every day of the week. There are a lot of fascinating and mysterious events happening throughout space at any given moment and they are all documented by NASA.

If you’re a space geek and/or not might be interested in finding out what the world looked like at when you were born. This is exactly the concept NASA employed to commemorate its 30th birthday celebration of their Hubble Space Telescope, by giving you with the answer to what picture did NASA take when I was Born.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope turned 30 in 2020 and to mark the occasion, NASA gives you the chance to learn what was captured by NASA on the day of your birthday. To commemorate this, NASA launched this trend of #Hubble30.

However, those born in the years 1981-95 do not get to enjoy any of fun since the information on the archive are limited to photos taken in the years after 1995. Continue reading to find out the details about what NASA observed at the time when you were born.

How to Find Out What Picture Did NASA Take When I Was Born ?

Two platforms will assist you find the details. One is APOD which is also called the Astronomy Image of the Day Calendar as well as the Hubble Archive. Below is the full information for both platforms.

Steps for APOD

  • Find the APOD website on Google
  • Go to the website
  • You’ll find a long list of hyperlinks
  • Scroll down to locate the birth date
  • Click the link next to it

The process can be a bit lengthy but it does provide you with an image of the exact date when you got born.

Steps to Hubble to determine what picture did NASA Photograph When I was Born

  • Look for the NASA Commemorative page.
  • Select the month and the date
  • Hit submit, and you will be notified of the results.

Unfortunately, this website provides only the option of entering the month and the date; so, you don’t get the exact results.

People’s Reaction

The people are not just interested however, they are in a state of shock over this discovery. There are a lot of posts about the discovery, and jokes , too.


It is evident that the subject is going viral right now. It’s a fascinating way to bring some joy to our lives. Reading other’s posts on What Pictures Did NASA Make When I Was Born is interesting too. If you’ve participated in this trend, let us know on your experiences.