You must understand that taking parts of your car away before you scrap could result in you getting less money for your car when you scrap it. However, on the upside, you could find that selling the parts of your car that you have removed will bring you in a little more money, depending on what your car is and what the items are that you are wanting to sell.

#1 Wheel Hub Caps

If your car has hub caps that are easily removed and are seen as vintage, you would do well to sell these separately, rather than letting them go down to your local scrap yard. However, in saying this, if your wheel hub caps are in good condition, selling them online in either ones or twos could also be advantageous, regardless of how old your car is. Many car owners have a scraped or damaged wheel cap or hub on their car, or even the odd one missing, who would appreciate being able to buy a replacement that will not look too new, and, therefore, make the other three look old and tired.

#2 Personalized Number Plate

If your car has a personalized number plate or one that you think could be desirable to others, you may want to investigate selling it separately before you scrap your car. The first thing you will want to do is search what’s my number plate worth before you make any decision on whether your effort is worth the money that you could expect for your number plate. If it is not, then you are far better off letting it go with your car to the scrap yard. If, however, it is, then you will need to fill out any relevant paperwork to let the authorities know that you have kept the number plate before selling it to another person. 

#3 Sound System

Many people purchase sound systems to go in their cars, and this is generally because you can get better quality sound systems than those added into cars, or you can buy the ones that have the extra features that you particularly want. Whether you are looking to sell your sound system or put it into another vehicle that you own is ultimately up to you, but if you do not remove it from your car before it goes to scrap, you might end up regretting it.

To Wrap It All Up

In some cases, especially if you have a vintage car or one that has been very well looked after or upgraded, it is worth going over the interior as well as the exterior and taking out anything that you have either added or is of value to others, before sending your car to the scrap yard.

Although this will affect the price that they give you for your car, in some circumstances, you could very well find that you can get more per item when selling it separately from what the scrap yard would give you.