Excerpt: Before explaining the factors that make UiPath a unique Robotic Process Automation software, we are putting here a brief description of UiPath.  UiPath is an international software company established to develop Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software. 


The RPA developed by the UiPath company is known as UiPath. Daniel Dines and Marius Turca founded this software company in Bucharest, Romania. The headquarter of UiPath is in New York of, the United States. This software is now surpassing other robotic processes for its superior performance and great features. 

This tool has many uses, and it helps the users in their various business activities online. Here, we are going to elaborate on the features of the software and how it provides convenience to the users, and due to which it is considered as a completely different Robotic Process Automation software from others. 

What is UiPath? 

UiPath is a distinctive windows desktop Robotic Process Automation software that is specifically created to automate business processes within multiple organizations. It allows businesses to smoothly perform any form of repetitive tasks, including content migration, data entry, web scraping, screen scraping, and more. This is a completely user-friendly software that adds an innovative idea to modern business processing. 

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Why is UiPath called the leader over other RPAs? 

UiPath is called to be a leader over other RPAs for its strong architecture along with excellent components and features. It provides a number of advantages to businesses. It helps to automate several manuals and repetitive tasks in a limited period. You can easily connect UiPath to any legacy system, avoiding disruption.

It adds to the business innovation, which leads to more profit in the business. As effective as UiPath can make your business processing, no other RPA can make it better. And therefore, it is highly recommended. The most important thing about UiPath is that it is very customizable that fits your budget. 

With the low price, offering so many functionalities for businesses is really impressive. Undoubtedly, UiPath is an entirely different robotic process automation software technology. 

Components of UiPath 

A) UiPath Studio 

UiPath Studio is a super component that comes with a customized interface. It permits you to visually decide and design various automation business processes via multiple diagrams with the help of drag-and-drop processes. 

These diagrams are only a structural reflection of the particular tasks that should be done. UiPath Studio changes hard tasks into UI automation, ensuring it is easy and fast. This component provides two parts, namely the process designer and the execution part. 

B) UiPath Robot 

The UiPath robot consists of two elements, viz Agent Support for UiPath and Executor Service for UiPath. The robot is accountable for the performance of the processes developed inside the studio. They can act as assistants. UiPath Robots are used to convert the strategies into tasks that are later accomplished. 

Without any human interference, you can use these robots to assign many tasks and implement them just like humans. When there is a task on the computer, they program the robot to start performing the task automatically. 

C) UiPath Orchestrator 

UiPath Orchestral is a website application that features deploying, monitoring, scheduling, and regulating robots & processes. It is a centralized platform for managing all software robots. 

Features of UiPath 

A) Drag and Drop Workflow 

UiPath allows you to perform your visual process steps in a graphical workspace by dragging and dropping regarding tasks. Later, they can convert the process steps into visual workflows with user interface properties. You can also use the Recorder wizard in UiPath software to develop Web-based workflows. 

B) Advanced Scraping 

With UiPath Advanced scraping, you can easily scrape data from website pages and applications. In addition, the data scraping wizard helps you scrape data with a repetitive structure. The scraping solution is done flawlessly with any program, such as Flash, .NET, PDF, Java, Legacy, etc. 

C) Security 

UiPath provides high security. It allows you to build smart and strong robots. Anyone can use these super robots with the help of a simple visual canvas. In addition, you can find here high security and auto-login system to operate a robot running with a lock screen. It ensures complete privacy of running automated processes. 

UiPath Architecture 

UiPath consists of 2 sections, viz The Client and Server Side and The Three Layers. 

A) The Client and Server Side 

● Client and Server Side UiPath components imply those components that ensure direct communication of users with it. In these categories, UiPath Studio, UiPath Agent, Browser, and Robot are incorporated. 

● The backend operations of UiPath are known as server-side. It serves to save the tasks and workflows generated by the users in the databases. 

● The UiPath Orchestrator selects the required functionalities and software robots to execute the tasks of the code. 

● UiPath robot’s statistics and logs are usually reserved in the backend. The records help to analyze robot activities and determine errors.

B) The Three Layers  

1. Presentation Layer: 

● The UiPath components, including Browsers, UiPath Studio, Robots, UiPath Agent, and Executors, are available to users to form the client presentation layer. 

● These components allow the UiPath users or developers to create various tasks that can be automated. Robots are useful to complete these tasks 

2. Server Layer: 

● The server layer is considered the UiPath architecture’s important layer. You can view all server information on the cloud layer. The Orchestrator is the most important part of the server layer. It updates the whole project to the server from time to time while the robots executive the tasks. 

● The Orchestrator is the head of the whole band. Its responsibility is to keep observation on project development and schedule, software robots. Also, it generates concise reports based on the filtered parameters. 

● The server layer facilitates the synchronization of software and software robots so that they can maintain regular tasks. The management system is very nice. It is more useful in the project to cater to the requirements, deadlines, and service level of the project. 

3. Persistence layer: 

● This layer is made up of Database servers. All robots’ configuration information is completely secured here. You can include robots, data, assigned tasks, logging information, and asset details in the Orchestrator’s configuration details. 

● The persistence layer is the responsibility of keeping the entire log information updated using the UiPath agent services. Logs are stored using the Elastic search. These logs help you to locate and fix the errors. 

● In the SQL Server, the procedure data level is commonly secured.

This makes it straightforward to process logs from huge amounts of data.

 Applications of UiPath 

1. Sales: 

● Invoice development and delivery are crucial. Both CRM and accounting systems should have real sales records. Robots can update accounting details, make and deliver invoices from the proper email addresses instead of copying data manually. 

● CRM updating is necessary. A new type of solution is developed to insert email and other contact details into CRM. A simple robot can be used to update your CRM records with client contact details in case you are unable to find the right solution to use the CRM system. 

● It is vital to Keep Scorecards up to date. The companies without HR and CRM systems integrated can utilize RPA robots to make sure that CRM adjustments are presented to the scorecards in actual time.  

2. Banking

● KYC verification is significant. Smart KYC solutions are developing; however, bots can be useful for automating parts of  KYC progress in situations where your organization does not wish to use one. 

● Robots can be helpful when legacy systems are unable to store complex limit orders. It can be implemented as a band-aid solution in the long run to see the growth of the business. 

3. Healthcare: 

● The RPA software is very useful in the healthcare sector. It is used in appointments for patients, considering diseases, conditions, location, and doctors’ availability. 

● RPA robots have the ability to accumulate various medical information and deliver patients’ details to a third-party healthcare analysis provider. 

Benefits of UiPath 

● UiPath automates speedily, ensuring easy accessibility that results in increased productivity. The robots permit you to generate a monthly report in just 15 /20 minutes. If you try this same task, you will require four hours. Thus, a company’s productivity increase depends on process automation. 

● The RPA Robot ensures high efficiency as it works continuously 24 hours a day without any breaks in 365 days a year. It never becomes I’ll, so your work will not be interrupted. In general, a robot can do the work of five workers in a limited time, whereas five workers require more time to perform the same work. 

● RPA software provides a better user experience. In a business based on RPA, repetitive and boring tasks can be easily assigned to robots. Thus, employees can focus on the customer care service and meeting the demands of the customers resulting in benefits in their business. 

● There is no risk on RPA. It ensures complete protection of the users’ information from one component to another. Data access is strictly traced and reported there. You can rely on RPA in terms of data security.

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