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Did you receive a final notice to be paid red-light ticket, which is generally issued by traffic cops for jumping red light signals on road World? Did you also know that the snail mail sent contained the address of the website that can be used to pay fines You don’t know if this notice was real or fake.

Let’s examine the main points and analyses in the snail mail that suggested Scam.

Abut diddle:

Arizona’s City of Doral received a final notice from the City to pay red-light ticket fines in its mailbox. The scam was first featured in March-2022. Even though similar scams were featured in 2018, 2021, and the current scam are related to

The scammers sent letters that copied the original format of traffic police red-light tickets. These included two images and the license plate of the car, as well as a table showing the date of violation, amount and a link for the payment site.

How to spot

One victim that received the ticket by mail claimed the ticket had a violation date of February 20, 2022. The month of February does NOT have the 30th-day!

Photos of cars taken by road cameras will appear authentic. These images are taken at considerable distances and heights, as the cameras are fixed to poles. The scam mail however includes images of both the vehicle and its license plate that were taken within close proximity at approximately 2-3 feet.

The victim told us that the image was a scam. It looked like someone had taken photos of the car while it was being parked at our residence.

Additionally, the victim had rented out the car to someone else after the date of violation. The registered address of both the actual vehicle owner and the victim’s residence is also different. The red-light violation ticket did not contain the name of a vehicle owner. It contained only the address information of the victim. You can find out their address from their address and the name.

The police department also warned people to be aware Spamsnail mailings. The police stated that the traffic police send initial reminders for the payment of the fine before the victims receive the final notice. If victims did not receive an original notice, the final notification would be questionable.

Finally, the legitimate website to pay the traffic challenges is, which is different from the link in the snail mail!


The letter included the sender’s address as ‘city of Lauderdale, intersection safety program, PO Box 7098, Tempe, AZ-85285 2091.’ However, it had a fake website address – to pay the fine. Hence, and snail mails including its links are Scam. Furthermore, was registered on 12th-March-2022 for one year, gained a 1% trust score, and uses a free email service.

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