M8 and M12 connectors

M8 and M12 are both industrial connectors use for the system automation in industrial and productive sectors. Yet, these two connectors come with different features and parts that distinguish them from each other. 

Each connector is composed for different functions and to tackle different situations. So, it is significant to note the difference between M8 connectors and M12 connectors for selecting the appropriate connector as per the requirements. 

We are here to help you in providing a brief overview of these connectors to highlight the major features that differentiate M8 and M12 connectors from each other. Let’s delve deeply to extract these differences. 

What is M8 compactor? 


M8 connectors are designed for industrial use for working as a sensor. M8 connectors are used for sensing and monitoring the food and drinks producing industries, as sensors, actuators, plugs and sockets, and even in textile industrial sectors.


M8 connectors are 3-pin and 4-pin connectors. 3-pin and 4-pin means it can give nearly 3 to 4 connections between devices. The thread of M8 connector is straight and screw shaped 8*1 that comes with IP67 protection for providing resistance against pollutants. 

Safe and secure connecting solution: 

They can tackle environmental challenges as have a strong shell to provide strength against pollutants, heavy rain, or high temperature, etc. It is a waterproof and smudged proof  industrial connector that can survive in the layers of water for a long time. It is because M8 connectors are seal tight tight that doesn’t let water to get in. 

Customised cable shape and length: 

The users can design the industrial connectors themselves according to their need by selecting the one feature from the range of provided options. You can select the connector with or without the cables, a connector with PUR or PVC cables, and can also determine the length accordingly. 

What is M12 connector? 


M12 connectors are applied as both the fieldbus and industrial connectors. These are also used for similar purposes as M8 connectors but are designed to tackle severe environments more than M8 connectors.


It comes with multiple pin-count, ranging from 3-pins to 12-pins and similar number of holes. It offers multiple electrical connections simultaneously. M12 connectors offer a circular straight and screwed electrical connection to the devices.

Safe and secure connecting solution: 

It has the compatibility to survive in the conditions that are prone to heavy washing and corrosion. It ensures standard IP65, IP68, and IP69 protection against dust and airborne particles, avoiding the blockage by preventing them from getting into the connector. The hard-core shell makes M12 connectors resistant to corrosion and safety from sinking in water. 

Customising Cable, shape, sheathing, and length: 

The users can get M12 connectors with PVC and PUR cables for getting additional resistance and can also get connectors without cables. The same goes for the shield and sheathing material as the M12 connectors come with and without shield. Moreover, the customers can also choose the cable length as per their requirement from the range of lengths provided. 


M8 and M12 connectors are the most employed connectors that hold many similarities. However, M8 offers a limited pin-count of 3 and 4. M12 provides multiple connections to 12 pin-count to the consumers. M12 connector is more sustainable in bearing severe challenges as it ensures complete protection for the outdoor machinery or the appliances used for food, oil, and beverages production. 

Otherwise, these connectors are similarly used for easy installation, connection, and efficient working. Construction, cable, and sheathing are similar to M8 connectors and M12 connectors. Yet, it calls for the appropriate selection of industrial connectors accordingly to avoid any damage, breakdown, or inaccuracy.