Electric wheelchairs are a great device for anyone who has mobility issues but wants to gain more freedom and independence! It is important that electric wheelchairs are light in weight and foldable so that they can be easily transported or stored when not being used. Ephesus has created a wheelchair that is much lighter than other models, ensuring that it can be easily stored or folded up when needed. Ephesus electric wheelchairs weigh 67.5 lbs, but this weight is with the battery included. When folding, the battery can actually be removed from the device to make it even lighter! 

Is It Easy To Carry The Electric Wheelchair After Folding?

These lightweight electric wheelchairs are far easier to carry and maneuver than other electric wheelchair devices. The weight ensures that it will be much easier to lift and fold up when needed, but it is recommended that two people help when doing this. 67.5 lbs is still quite heavy for a single person to lift and carry by themselves, so with two people helping out the weight can be more distributed and evened out! Along with being light in weight, these are foldable electric wheelchairs which makes them even easier to carry and transport! With the electric wheelchair batteries being removable, you can easily fold this device and store it when it is not being used. 

Can The Batteries Of Electric Wheelchairs Be Replaced?

Yes, one of the great things about this folding electric wheelchair is that the batteries are removable. This is helpful in two ways. Firstly, removing the batteries makes it easier to carry this device as it lightens the weight of it, reducing the amount that needs to be lifted and carried. Along with this, being able to remove the batteries from the wheelchair also allows for a dead battery to be replaced. 

Though the Ephesus electric wheelchair can travel for a whopping 15.5 miles on a single battery, if you plan to go further than this, you can simply purchase an extra battery and keep it with you! When the old battery dies, you simply swap it out with a new fully charged one! Ephesus makes purchasing an extra battery for your wheelchair easy as they sell them as spare parts on their website! When purchasing your wheelchair, all you have to do is include an extra battery in your purchase! 

Discover The Electric Wheelchairs Available At Ephesus Now!

Ephesus produces some of the best electric wheelchair models on the market today and any person with mobility issues would benefit from these kinds of devices! Crafted and designed with the user in mind, Ephesus has taken the time to design a wheelchair that is light, can travel for longer and is extremely easy to use. If you are looking at electric wheelchairs for sale, we would highly recommend that you visit the Ephesus store to see what they have on offer!