For stock trading, you need a top-notch broker that provides various services. You need an excellent trading platform, and their customer support is top-notch. This post will teach you about the Exante broker customer support, trading platform, and education. You’ll also find out whether this broker is a good fit for your trading needs.

Do efficient stock trading. 

This stock trading platform is one of the fastest-growing brokers in Europe. They have offices in more than 50 countries and offer clients access to over 400,000 financial instruments. They have a great reputation and adhere to English legislation. They offer a very high level of service and have a variety of trading programs. Their services are fast, and they offer tight spreads.

Their platform includes a smart search tool that allows you to search for securities by their first letter. In addition, the company continually adds assets to its platform as more people request them. This allows most traders to find what they’re looking for. Furthermore, their interactive tools allow users to move desired positions on the chart and see their dynamic value change. Users can also drag and close modules and use a mouse to manipulate them.

They offer trading in ten major currencies. They also offer leverage of up to 1:3. Their software is fully customizable. And enables partners to remove barriers with this trading platform by using their private cloud environment and API services. Moreover, their platform is available in several languages. They also have a 24-hour support desk.

Variety of trading tools 

It offers a variety of trading tools to its customers. It also allows users to set up a demo account. These demo accounts allow traders to practice using trading systems and check out the features available in the software. The company also offers a wide variety of deposit methods. 

The trading platform is a reliable choice for traders who want to trade in various financial markets. Its network of over 1,100 servers offers fast trading. This helps users trade efficiently and safely and allows algorithmic traders to trade with minimal effort. Furthermore, this company offers a user-friendly interface and a range of financial instruments, including forex and CFDs. Furthermore, the brokerage company offers competitive trading costs.

You can access the trading platform on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. They also offer a demo account, which makes it easy to practice trading without risking any cash.

Customer service

When it comes to customer service, it has received good marks across the board. It has over 10,000 customer reviews, and the rating is very good.  In addition, customers generally give it high marks for its products, service quality, and commitment to a social cause. 

The customer support department at this brokerage is one of its strongest assets. Its support staff is knowledgeable and pleasant and available twenty-four hours a day. In addition, they speak several languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Maltese, Lithuanian, and Russian, enabling them to respond to requests promptly.

Final Words

Here we have told you the best stock trading platform. You can reach this broker anytime if you have a question about trading, account management, or anything else. You can also educate yourself about stocks by reading Alexey Kirienko from Exante stocks investment advice.

In addition, unlike many other brokers, the firm maintains customer support hours beyond normal business hours. That means you can contact your broker whenever you have a problem and have them answer it as quickly as possible. You can do this through email or phone, whichever is more convenient.