Hacking is seen to be a trendy tech topic that continues to blow the minds of people. This is because there are different ways by which the activity is carried out and the like. Do you know what hacking is? Do you know the types of hacking? Do you think it is a legit practice? 

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If these are the questions you have in your mind then you should stick to this article as I will be telling you what hacking is and the types of hacking.

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What Is Hacking?

Hacking can be seen as a technology process by which a person can break into another person’s data or information. This could be done for different purposes ranging from fraud to security and all other aspects. On hearing the word hacking, what comes to mind of people is that it is an illegal act but in a real sense, hacking could be a device or means to save a situation.

We have various types of hacking. What are they?

Types Of Hacking

Hacking has different types, which I’ll be sharing now. They include:

Virus attacks

This is the process by which a virus is injected into a person’s computer system, thereby making it act abnormal, not performing the functions it is supposed to. Virus attacks, if not attended to urgently, can shut down a system entirely.

DOS attacks

This means a denial of Service attack. This is the point when a user does not have access to his data because the log-in might have been changed or the set of programs used to set up the system has been changed. Except the user can stay ahead of the hacker, he might not be able to get a solution to the problem at that time.

Malware attack

A malware attack involves an injection of malicious codes that can slow down your computer system’s functions. This just works like a virus; if not attended to properly will make the system go down.


Phishing attacks come mostly in the form of links. These links have dirty codes in it which are capable of stealing personal data saved on the internet space. When something like this is done, the person’s data would be tampered with, and the victim might get scammed if there is the presence of credit card details.

Insider attack

This is a form of hacking but has more physical work in the sense that a person in an organization tends to share the personal data of that organization with a third party which might lead to breaking in from that third party.

Ransomware attacks

This is a kind of attack that involves people gaining access to a system and not taking it out until a ransom is being paid by the victim.

Having seen all of these, I believe you are no longer unaware of what hacking is and the types of hacking. The only way for cyber security personnel to avoid hacking is to be at least 2 steps ahead of the hacker so you would see it coming and make amends.