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Some businesspeople from Canada as well as those of the United States have stated that the Quality Management System or QMS via the Internet offers a variety of benefits. In addition, they have stated that via the QMS that a company will become more efficient through lowering the risk level.

These days, many people are looking for answers to questions like What exactly is Flexbooker? Let us address the question using reliable data in this article.

Investigating The Portal

Flexbooker offers an online platform for booking that was created by businesses and their clients. It permits other companies to make use of their platforms to receive online appointments for meetings, classes, and so on. In addition, by using the dashboard, the company can see and modify their calendars and appointments.

According to sources According to the source, according to the sources, Flexbooker platform is used by a variety of industries and small-scale businesses, such as salons barbers, therapists and barbers and so on. According to the website the site’s founders, they created the platform in the year 2014 appointment scheduling software.

So, we’ll find the solutions to determine if the Flexbooker scam Or Not? but for now, we’ll know the details of its owner.

Who Are The Creators?

The evidence suggests it is Andrew Ford and James Ford are the co-founders behind the online booking service.

Qualities Of

  • user-friendly platform:It can be a simple installation booking widget that allows users to put it on any website.
  • Pay with ease:Through the platform the customer can accept online payments while the booking. Additionally, they can decide the amount they will take.
  • Simple SchedulingThe firm can modify the types of appointments and dates for scheduling at your convenience.

Consumers’ Reactions On Flexbooker Scam

We’ve gathered a lot of user reviews across the Internet but we haven’t seen any comments on Trustpilot or the Facebook pages of Trustpilot. For instance, Flexbooker has gained 4.9 rating on a website and, on a different website, it’s found the same rating.

On another website this booking site has been awarded the 4.8 rating. So, all reviews have revealed that the site is trustworthy, but some users reported inconsistencies and other issues with these sites.

Let’s now discover more information on What exactly is Flexbooker to establish its legitimacy.

Essential Checkpoints

  • Portal’s Date of Registration17-05-2013 is the registration date.
  • Trust rank– The trust rank is 80.9/100
  • The expiration date of the websiteThe website will be suspended on 17-05-2022.
  • Reviews CollectedA variety of users have found this website useful in scheduling and making appointments, thus giving it high ratings across various websites. However, there aren’t any comments found on Facebook or Trustpilot.
  • Alexa Rank– 163241 is the website’s Alexa Rank.
  • trust score 96%. This is a high-quality score is determined.

The Final Verdict

The article has addressed every question to What is Flexbooker? and provides the services it offers and details about its founder. In addition, the user’s response to the platform is outlined in this article. We also have outlined several key aspects of the site to establish its authenticity.