Burbank Dental Lab is a family-owned dental lab that has undergone three generations of evolution. They are known as a leading dental laboratory that specializes in cosmetic dental restorations and dental implants. They pride themselves in helping dentists, and dental professionals offer top-quality dental services to their patients. This dental laboratory has over 65 years of experience in creating the best dental solutions to satisfy the needs of its clients. Furthermore, they’ve got a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated dental technicians and experts readily available to be a part of your dental restoration team.

If you’re a dental professional looking for consistent quality dental implants or other dental solutions for your patients, Burbank Dental Lab will offer you all you need to stand out for excellence in your dental practice. They use top-notch technology to produce exceptional dental products for various dental problems. When you work with them, you’ll experience great communication with their technicians to ensure that your client’s dental restoration is done accordingly. Read on to learn more about their products and services.

Products Burbank Dental Lab Is Known For

Smiles by Design Dental Restoration

Burbank Dental Lab has a Smiles By Design team who are well-trained and efficient in fabricating natural-looking, straighter, whiter, and more attractive smiles. Their technicians understand the intricate details of tooth internal color characterization, occlusion, tooth morphology, and everything needed to correct teeth imperfections. They understand that every case is different and has unique characteristics; hence their technicians will take the time to understand what your patient’s requirements are and thereafter create a beautiful Smiles By Design experience that both you and your patients will love.

ZIRMAX Zirconia Dental Restoration

If you’re a dentist looking to offer your patients a durable dental crown to prevent further tooth decay and restore natural appearance, then you should consider ZIRMAX Zirconia Dental restoration. Burbank Dental Lab offers two types of Zirconia dental restoration; ZIRMAX M and ZIRMAX ME. 

ZIRMAX M is one of the strongest monolithic zirconia crowns suitable for multi-purpose zirconia restorations. It’s suitable for single units, posterior, wide-span bridges, and more. ZIRMAX ME is designed to be more translucent, durable, and visually appealing. ZIRMAX ME Zirconia crowns are suitable for both anterior bridges and posterior bridges. 

SMART 1 Implant Abutments

Abutments serve as linking points for dental implants, partial removable dentures, and fixed bridges. Burbank Dental Lab is known for offering various styles of SMART 1 implant abutments. They provide the most accurately fitting implant abutments possible by utilizing the most cutting-edge design and milling methods. SMART 1 implant abutments are specially created to meet the unique needs of individual patients. The SMART 1 implant abutments are available in Zirconia or Titanium base and are built to be compatible with mostly all dental implants.


BiteSoft® is designed to help patients experiencing bruxism— a disorder that causes people to grind, clench, or gnash their teeth. It could happen when a person is awake (awake bruxism) or when a person is fast asleep (sleep bruxism). As a dentist with a patient experiencing bruxism, you need to offer a bruxism dental solution that will effectively ease the pain associated with this disorder. This is what BiteSoft® offers your patients. BiteSoft® is designed to have therapeutic characteristics to offer comfort to bruxism patients. It’s also designed to effectively relieve jaw pain associated with bruxism.

Ivoclar Digital Denture

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Burbank Dental Lab has taken the creation of dentures to another level with their Ivoclar Digital Denture. They offer Ivoclar Digital Denture that uses a patient’s initial clinical record combined with the information obtained from Ivoclar record capture tools such as UTS CAD, Centric Tray, and Papillameter to create the perfect fitting dentures. They also offer electronic records for easy recreation when required.

With the Ivoclar record capture lab workflow, patients will get fitting dentures with fewer sore spots and greater retention. 


DuraTemp is a laboratory fabricated provisional restoration designed to offer a more aesthetic, durable, and natural look. DuraTemp helps to accelerate your provisional procedure chair time and also gives your patients a prototype smile during the prep session. Whether you require multi-unit bridges, full-arch bridges, or single crowns, DuraTemp by Burbank Dental Lab will offer you these and more. In addition, this lab fabricated provisional restoration requires no preparation stage; it can be developed from either the preoperative or prepped models.

In conclusion, Burbank Dental Lab is the one-stop shop for all top-quality dental restoration to keep your patients happy, satisfied, and smiling.