Enterprise Video Platform
What Is An Enterprise Video Platform?

What is an enterprise video platform?

An enterprise video platform is built for an enterprise where a team can easily share, create, personalize, organize and analyze their video content. It is a video content management platform for the enterprise to record, upload, and play enterprise video streaming.

Enterprise video platform provides the facility of managing their video content and permissions. Here control over this platform is centralized. Each team can take benefit from it. This platform is secured by SOC 2 certification and includes playback restrictions and password protection. Professional support and service teams are enabled to help users with any difficulty.

Here, video content is delivered to employees and a customer as a whole. This platform also provides enterprise video software that can be readily available in the cloud. Nowadays, many advancements in technology have taken place where enterprise video platform is valuable for maintaining employees’ internal communication, client and customer communication, employee training, webinar, customer support, and many more. 

What are the top enterprise video platforms?

There is a list of enterprise video platforms available in the market. Such top 5 platforms are discussed in detail below:


Qumu is an enterprise video streaming platform used worldwide for delivering seamless video content with proper security and management. It is well trusted and known brand of the enterprise video platform. Here customers can take advantage of full coverage of videos. Qumu is easy to use and provides a facility of global reach. Many concerns and largest enterprises used Qumu for creating, delivering, controlling, and analyzing their corporate video assets.


Vdociper is another enterprise video-sharing platform highly secured by protection. On this platform, people can not download any video without permission. It provides innovative video tech solutions for educating students and businesses for serving innovative video content to its potential customers. It is an application with a combination of Hollywood standard DRMs. This video platform has also won the title of the best DRM security company. 


Haivision is the enterprise video solution for video streaming, and it can also encode solutions for many broadcasters, enterprises, and government organizations. It connects the world with real-time video streaming and networking solutions. It provides video streaming at a global scale with high quality, proper security, low latency, and reliable live videos. 

IBM cloud video:

IBM cloud video is also an enterprise video platform for managing recorded video content, live streaming, hosting, etc. It was built in multi CDN support to provide a complex setup to its users. This platform is mainly used for employee communication at commercial and academic levels, virtual conferences, government proceedings, concerts, weddings, etc. It can be used by enterprises and a particular person for personal functions. 

Microsoft stream:

Microsoft Stream is an enterprise video platform for delivering live and on-demand events with Microsoft 365. Here employees can manage communication while sitting anywhere and anytime with more than 10000 persons at the moment. Employees can also manage their voice and messaging easily and deliver high-quality video content with playback speed. 


Enterprise video platform is an innovative version of normal video platforms like Youtube. It is designed to help an enterprise share, store, and protect their video content and share it in a centralized platform. The Enterprise video platform is designed to meet the needs of an enterprise. It provides the proper facility required for sharing video content inside or outside the enterprise.