Who are Architects?

Planning and creating an infrastructure requires expertise and excellence. This is where an Architect comes in. The brain behind the exquisite detailing and design of any space is that of an Architect. If you have sat on a stunning porch or read a book in the sunlight beaming through a well-constructed roof then you know the value of a good and aesthetically designed building. Architects are like artists who paint beautiful structures. The only difference is that the painting comes to life in the case of architects. Architects, in a technical sense, are people who plan, and design buildings, complexes, and structures. They are even involved in overseeing the construction of the building. In short, they are the ones that decide the look and feel of a building. 

What Is Architecture?

Architecture is that practice or rather the science that the Architects use to design a building. Architecture has been part of our culture and society for years. Since ancient times we have constructed well designed buildings and structures that are being studied even today as part of Architectural courses. A number of architectural styles have existed in India, thanks to the various cultures that have been a part of the country, ranging from temple architecture to gothic and roman styles. Therefore Architecture remains to be a great source of interest for a lot of people.

Architects OR Civil Engineers :

When we say Architects and Architecture, they have gained immense importance in the 21st century for the common people. Although they were already in prominence for the big buildings, public structures, or amongst the more well-to-do sections, their popularity for construction of houses and residential structures for common people has increased recently. A lot of people have hired architects to design and build their own houses. People do tend to confuse Architects and Civil engineers; Architects and Interior designers; etc,. Architects are concerned with aesthetical elements, including the look and feel of the design. To put it simply, architects are concerned with the functionality of the design. Whereas civil engineers on the other hand are concerned with the overall development of the structure and its endurance and strength in extreme conditions. Civil engineers have an important role when it comes to the material used and its durability.

Architects OR Interior Designers:

When we refer to Interior Designers, they are different from Architects in the sense that they are meant to design the interiors when the structure has already been made. Interior Designers bring the space to life through the furnishings and decor.  They create the desired look for their respective client. 

Architecture Firms – 

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It can be said that it is the Architects that lay the stepping stone for a project to proceed further. They lay the foundation upon which others build up. Without architects building structures would be akin to cooking without spice. It can be concluded that architects are the ones that breathe soul into a building.