Have you received any unanticipated payments from a well-known mutual fund firm? If yes, then go through this article until the very end to learn about the benefits of mutual funds and the conditions for insurance policy holders of mutual funds.

A variety of policyholders in Canada have received large paychecks from a large Mutual Fund company. The size of the check shocked many of the policyholders. initially, many people thought it could be a joke. Read on to find out more about what is a demutualization benefit payment.

About Definity Financial Corporation

Definity Financial Corporation was formed after the 20th biggest Canadian mutual fund-based insurance firm, Economical Insurance, went public on the 23rd of November 2021. The policyholders who were eligible for the company would later become the equity shareholders direct of the newly-listed public company.

The company’s economic insurance is an essential insurance policy provider to people from all financial classes, from ordinary workers to business giants. The company has experienced a huge growth in its finances since its beginning at the age of 1871. The company has executive office located in Waterloo in Ontario and Ontario.

What Is A Demutualization Benefit Payment?

  • Demutualization happens the process by which a mutual fund changes to a publicly-listed company. This improves the status of the policyholders as stock owners.
  • A percentage of the equity of the company is divided among policy holders who meet the eligibility requirements set by the board of directors.
  • The amount of the profit is contingent depending on the amount of the insurance policy the policyholder is a part of.
  • They are also entitled to receive dividends from the company regularly. Policy owners who are eligible to receive dividends are able to reap the benefits over the coming years.

How are Share Benefit Receivers Reacting?

  • ” What Is A Demutualization Benefit Payment” is the most talked about issue among the countless number of policyholders that unexpectedly received a large check at Definity Financial Corporation. Definity Financial Corporation.
  • A few people see the pay check as a type of Christmas present, and they receive their pay close to Christmas.
  • The victims contacted insurance company’s officials as well as their financial planners in order to verify that the cheques were legitimate.
  • The news of the unexpected payment to policyholders went viral on the popular social networks and the policyholders started looking to see whether they could be qualified for the benefits.

Are You Eligible for a Demutualization Cheque?

You can be qualified for demutualization benefit payments If you meet the requirements as outlined below:

  • The eligibility criteria for mutual policyholders are The policyholder should have a contract with the company by November 3rd of 2015.
  • Eligibility for non-mutual policyholders The policyholder must possess a non-mutual fund policy that is valid for 12 months and expires before or on November 3rd in 2015.


The process of demutualization allows holders of company policies to become equity shareholders and profit from the rise in the price of stock and dividend distribution.