A curbing installation is a crucial part of any paving project. It serves several functions, from pedestrian safety to traffic calming.

Curbs also protect pavement edges from damage & deterioration. In addition, they help to delineate the road edge & improve visibility during nighttime driving.

Concrete Curbs

Curbs are crucial to road safety, pavement navigation, and aesthetics. They delineate the street edge from the sidewalk and provide a drainage channel for water runoff.

Concrete curbs are one of the most common types of curbing installations for roads. They are durable, relatively easy to construct, and affordable.

They’re also famous for municipal areas where pavement borders a park or other property.

Unlike barrier curbs, monolithic curbs fuse with the road to create more traction and make it easier for larger vehicles to pass without damaging the internal structure or foundation of the asphalt or concrete.

After a subgrade has been prepared, ready mixed concrete is poured directly into forms or the hoppers of slip form curb machines. Alternatively, a compacted aggregate base can be placed under the curbs to ensure constant support.

Permacurb Curbs

A curbing installation for roads is a great way to add a finished touch to your pavement such as asphalt paving seattle. It is also a practical investment that will increase the value of your property.

There are many different types of curbs; some are even designed to improve the look and safety of sidewalks. These include barrier curbs, mountable curbs, and flush curbs.

Permacurb curbs are a relatively new type of concrete curbing. They are made of portland cement and come in a variety of colors.

They are decorative landscape curbing features that can be customized to fit your unique needs and preferences. The best part about them is that they last for years and offer a distinct look. You can even use them to mark a particular area for parking or handicapped access.

Extruded Curbs

A curbing installation for roads is a firm border of concrete that defines the boundary of a road or parking lot and directs water flow. Curbs also serve several other functions, including increasing safety, reducing maintenance, and improving aesthetics.

Extruded curbs are a type of curb installed before a subsequent pavement, usually asphalt or concrete. They can be curb and gutter, rolled curb, vertical curb, or others.

Extruded curbs are a less expensive and time-consuming option than other types of curbing. This is because they are created by “extruding” a concrete mixture through a metal shoe. This allows for unlimited design options and makes the final product more durable.

Rolled Curbs

Rolled curbs are a popular choice for curbing installations on roads. They are generally made of cement concrete and asphalt aggregates.

Typically, they have sloping faces that allow vehicles to encroach on them without damaging their tires and wheels; if the slopes are gentle enough, cars can cross them to access driveways.

Rolling curbs can also be used as barrier curbs to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering or trespassing on closed-off spaces and areas designated for pedestrians.

They also provide a definitive edge that makes cleanup easy for street sweepers. In addition, they can be painted with a distinct color for added curb appeal.

Combination Curbs

A curbing installation for roads is a type of structure that is used at the edges of the road pavement to provide a barrier and help prevent vehicles from accessing highways where it is not permitted. This reduces the chances of accidents and also protects the roadway from deterioration.

Curbs are constructed of different materials and are categorized by their shape, height, and whether they are combined with gutters. Most commonly, curbs are made of Portland cement concrete.

Curbs are installed on city roads, highways, and parking lots. They are designed to restrict vehicle movement and prevent the edges from rubbing against outlying dirt, which is a major cause of cracking. This protects the pavement from deterioration and saves significant investments.