What is a brass check valve

Brass Check Valves also called non-return valve is a valve that usually allows fluid to flow through them in one direction. There are brass spring valves, brass foot valves, and swing-type check valves.  A brass valve is installed in the pipeline to filter scums in the flow. It is widely used in residential buildings and for industrial applications

Brass Check Valve Sorting

The brass check valve can be sorted into lift-type check valves, swivel types, butterfly types, pipe types, slow closing types, and diaphragm-type valves according to their structure.

Swing Check Valves

The check valve can be often mounted on a horizontal pipe along with the vertical centre of the valve body. The ball valve can be used on a small diameter check valve. The shape of the body of the lift check valve is the same as the shut-off valve, so its fluid resistance is large. The upper part of the valve and the lower part of the cap are machined with a guide sleeve, and the valve can be lifted in the valve guide. When the medium starts to flow down, the valve flap is unlocked by the medium thrust. When the medium halts, hanging on the seat, from the media to stop counter current effect.

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Pipeline check valves

Pipeline check valves are a new type of valve, and it is small in size, lightweight, and is one of the directions of growth of the check valve. But the fluid resistance is slightly larger than the swivel check valve.

 Swivel check valve

The flap of the swivel valve is disc-shaped & it rotates around the shaft of the seat. The flow path is small than the lift-type check valve and is appropriate for a low flow rate. Often change the diameter of the occasion, not for pulsating flow, as the sealing performance is less than lift. The swivel check valve is divided into a single type, double type, and multi-type, and these three forms by the valve calibre for the purpose, to stop the media to stop the flow or, weaken the hydraulic shock.

Pressure check valves

This valve is used as the boiler feeds water and steam cuts off the valve, and it has a lift check valve or angle valve integrated function.

Diaphragm check valves

The diaphragm check valve has a diversity of structural forms, and they are available from brass check valve manufacturers and are used as the opening & closing diaphragm, because of their decent water hammer, very simple structure, lower cost, and, rapid development. But, the use of a diaphragm checks the valve temperature & pressure by the diaphragm material limits.

Disc check valves

Disc-type check valve structure is very simple, and it can only be installed in a horizontal pipe, as the seal is poor. The butterfly check valve is also alike in structure to the shape of a butterfly. Its construction is simple, flow resistance is very small, and the water hammer pressure is small.

Useful Applications of the brass check valves

The determination of using the check valve is to stop the media backflow, usually in the pump outlet which is armed with a check valve, and in the compressor, an outlet to connect the check valve, to stop the media back, in the equipment. The brass Check valve is usually used for dusting the flow medium, and should never be used for solid particles and sticky fluid medium. The check valve is a reflex, its main role is to stop the media back to avert the pump and drive motor reversal. The check valve can be used on piping where the heaviness may rise above the supply that exceeds the system pressure. Typically, the valve is mechanically working, in a direction under pressure, and the fluid flow in the conflicting direction, of the fluid pressure & the valve flap in the valve seat, thus cutting its flow. 

There are other brass valves available which are done by brass check valve manufacturers like China brass ball valves, brass gate valves, brass radiator valves, and brass angle valves. They have different mechanisms compared to brass check valves; they are also significant devices for pipelines.

Common Problems of Brass Check Valves

When the centre of the valve is not upright to the horizontal plane, the valve flap is not elastic, which affects the valve opening and is not reliable. In this case, the check valve should be installed so that it is in a usual working position. Check valve connection should pay attention to the flow of liquid so that the valve in the opposite flow of fluid can mechanically shut down. Check valve sealing surface harm will cause the valve in the leakage, the appearance of part of the fluid reflux, and the China brass ball valves should be based on the grade of damage to the sealing surface processing or the replacement of seal, and then with the valve crushing with the valve can also refer to the fault and maintenance to exclude. Causing the disc to break in the check valve before the media pressure is close to the balance and the see the state of the valve with the valve seat, some brittle materials made of the valve may be broken. The protective approach is to use a check valve that is a yielding material. Try to repair the sealing surface and clean the impurities, and thus you can prevent backflow.