THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS -- Season:11 -- Pictured: (l-r) Erika Girardi, Garcelle Beauvais, Crystal Kung Minkoff, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Sutton Stracke, Dorit Kemsley -- (Photo by: John Tsiavis/Bravo)

We’re all waiting for the exciting exclusives about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality TV series. You check articles, news reports, and even net worth profiles of your favorite housewife – not only will you gather facts about their daily activities through social media, but you’ll watch YouTube videos about them during the late hours of the night.

Recently, it’s also enticing to know what happened last season on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Let’s take a look at the following scoops.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, commonly known as RHOBH, is an American reality TV series shown on Bravo on October 14, 2010. It is the sixth series in The Real Housewives franchise and has aired 11 seasons. The show focuses on the personal and professional lives of several women residing in Beverly Hills, California.

Many people are fond of the cast members of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Scott Dunlop creates the series, and the executive producers are Alex Baskin, Dave Rupel, Douglas Ross, Christopher Cullen, Toni Gallagher, and Andy Cohen.

The show is considered successful by many reality television viewers. Besides, the series’s success resulted in creating of a spin-off entitled Vanderpump Rules.

Season 11 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

According to US Magazine, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 11 reunion wrapped up in November 2021, and the reality TV series’ fans are still recovering from it. After all, the premiere schedule of season 12 is just a few days from now.

The reunion was filmed on September 10, 2021. On May 11, 2022, the last season of the reality TV series so far is slated to premiere on Bravo. 

The premiere schedule of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 is May 19, 2021. It is primarily filmed in Beverly Hills, California. 

The series focuses on the lives of Kyle Richards (the richest Real Housewife of Beverly Hills), Lisa Rinna, Erika Girardi, Dorit Kemsly, Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton Stracke, and Crystal Kung Minkoff. Kathy Hilton joined as a “friend of the housewives.”

Produced and distributed by Evolution Media, the series’s executive producers are Alex Baskin, Chris Cullen, Douglas Ross, Greg Stewart, Toni Gallagher, Dave Rupel, and Andy Cohen. The filming started in October 2020 and ended in February 2021.

Since crew members of the show tested positive for COVID-19 in November 2020, the filming halted for a while. Next month later, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, and Kathy Hilton tested positive of COVID- 19, so filming remained halted. The showrunners resumed it later after 14-day quarantines and negative results.

The last season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is also meme-worthy and captivating. Aside from that, it is also filled with compelling content. No wonder the exciting reunion of the series’ Season 11 spanned over four episodes. It’s the second time this happened in all of Housewives history.

One of the show’s highlights is the trials and tribulations of Erika Jayne. The latter is the performance persona of Erika Girardi. 

First, the news broke about her separation from high-profile lawyer Tom Girardi after more than 20 years of marriage. Second, there were allegations that Girardi had been stealing settlement money from his clients, including orphans, widows, and victims of horrific tragedies.

Then, millions of dollars were transferred to Jayne’s company, allegedly to fund her flourishing career as a performer. The series’s fans might wonder how much knowledge Jayne had of her accused husband’s fraudulent dealings.

In a sumptuous gathering hosted by Kathy Hilton, Paris’s mother, entitled “The Dinner from Hell: Part Two, Jayne hissed at Stracke and others as they questioned her story’s truthfulness. Besides, she went too far to threaten legal action against Sutton for her accusations. 

In addition, long-time cast member and soap opera star Lisa Rinna disclosed that her youngest daughter, Amelia (20 years old), was romantically involved with Kourtney Kardashian’s ex and Keeping up with the Kardashians star Scott Disick (38 years old).

We know that the glamorous fashion moments on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are fascinating. The ladies of the 90210 are famous for showcasing the most stylish outfits in the show.

The rare and iconic corset donned by Dorit Kemsley is also attention-grabbing. Besides, it is a one-of-a-kind vintage Vivienne Westwood corset that depicts a scene from a well-known 18th-century artwork by Francois Boucher.

Another standout fashion moment on the show is Beauvais’ head-to-toe leopard print look that she wore to the infamous Dinner Party from Hell. The scenes in which Rinna showcased several of her old vintage couture dresses to her two model daughters are also worthwhile.

Lastly, another center of attraction is Crystal Kung Minkoff’s Hermes bag. The small brown handbag resembling a house with a value of US$95,000 and a rare collector’s item was featured in an on-screen close-up when Kyle Richards visited the new cast member.

Overview, Casting, and Broadcast History of the Show

The first four seasons of the show are exciting. In March 2010, it was announced as the sixth series in The Real Housewives franchise. It has 244 episodes, and the running time is 41 to 43 minutes.

On October 14, 2010, the first season featured Kyle Richards, Adrienne Maloof, Kim Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Camille Grammer, and Taylor Armstrong. The show received an accolade, such as the 2011 Critics Choice Award for best reality series.

One of the shocking reports related to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is about the death of Taylor Armstrong’s husband. He died by suicide on August 15, 2011. As a result, the second season of the series was re-edited after his death.

The show’s tenth season was first shown on April 15, 2020, with Garcelle Beauvais joining the cast. In addition, Denise Richards made known her departure from the show after the tenth season. On the other hand, Mellencamp was dismissed from the cast lineup. However, the grounds for her dismissal were not disclosed at that time by the showrunners.