Every game developer has one thing in mind: find the next big thing. And who can blame them? There are numerous games being released each month and there’s a demand for games that are more engaging, entertaining and visually stunning. And with people increasingly using games to both play and earn an income, there is even keener interest in the future of gaming. Technology is the bridge to those goals and its continued implementation is expected to change the way games look and feel moving forward. Although no one can say for sure, there are clues to how the future of gaming would look. Here are five things to look for.

More gamers – Taking the current yearly rise in gamers, it’s safe to say that the number of people who play will continue to rise, and developers will continue to sell more consoles and games. Slope Game Unblocked New zoo’s Global Games Market Report 2021 showed that globally, the number of gamers had risen 5.3% in one year. This is great for communities like joystickgames.com that gamers have come to rely on. Likewise, New Zoo also predicted that a growth of 8.7% will push the games industry towards $218.7 billion in revenue. These are massive numbers and the gaming industry will be able to take a deep breath knowing that interest in their products isn’t waning. 

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More accessible games – Early video games and software had zero accessibility features. However, in recent years, software has been making it a point to become more accessible to disabled users. Similarly, there has been lots of support for gaming that is more accessible as well. Settings where users can toggle captions or options for color blindness are becoming more common. Games like God of War and The Last of Us 2 have made great strides when it comes to accessibility. And while many developers are improving their accessibility features, more progress is needed. However, increasingly, developers are heeding this call and are preparing to integrate more accessibility features in future video games.

Cloud Gaming – Most people want the latest gaming technology and are forced to update their console or PC every few years. Of course, this can be expensive. However, the future of gaming could spell the end of that practice. Many companies including Microsoft, Nvidia and Amazon are now expanding their offering of cloud-based subscription services for gaming. So there won’t be a need to spend large sums of cash to ensure your hardware is up to date. Instead, in the same way that people use Netflix which streams from a central location, gamers would only need a device like a Chromecast or Fire TV to play their games. The processing doesn’t take place on your own system, but in the cloud and the output is then streamed to your TV or other home-based device.

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AR and VR – Expect gaming to be transformed by the adoption of new technologies. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are gaining larger footholds in the gaming industry every month. These technologies are forcing developers to rethink game development as they seek to push games to new limits. When Pokémon Go became a blockbuster hit a few years ago it opened a new window of possibilities for game developers. They saw how games could have a fresh new appeal by integrating these newer technologies. These technologies will allow for gameplay that is truly immersive.

Artificial Intelligence – In today’s gaming industry, voiceovers are expensive to create. Also, because of time and expense, they can’t produce a response for every single utterance. Artificial intelligence will help overcome these hurdles by making games more realistic. It will make it easier to create natural-sounding dialogue in games. Voiceovers will become cheaper to produce and more adaptable. How to Get Unbanned on Omegle Using AI for this purpose will benefit smaller game developers in particular and will allow them to divert capital to other areas of game development.

Mobile gaming will grow – This may come as a surprise to gamers who think that true gaming is playing either on PC or on console. But the truth is that mobile gaming will make an even larger splash in the coming years. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone, billions of people do. Most people around the world may never own a console. As such, the barrier to entry is much lower compared to those buying expensive setups. People can now play high-quality games on their phone, even if it’s a lower-end device. For this reason, it will be unconscionable for game developers to keep neglecting mobile gaming.

The article is written by Hemant Kumar Gupta.