What exactly do you mean by Hearsay? Johnny Depp’s defamation trial streamed live on various platforms such as YouTube. The public around the world were watching the trial. The lawyer of Heard asked an interview question to Depp’s home manager. The manager was beginning to respond the question, Heard’s lawyer intervened with the words, “Objection Hearsay”. A lot of people were unaware of the term “hearsay.

Here, we’ll discuss Objection Hearsay’s meaning in simple terms. Let’s find out what Objection Hearsay means..

What is Hearsay?

The simplest definition of hearsay could be described as the evidence that witnesses give in courtroom, that is composed of a third party who isn’t in the courtroom. In the event that the statement is contested by the judge, the judge will stop witnesses from presenting the testimony.

For instance, Jack is asked a query about a particular situation that which he took part in. He responds to it by saying “Sia told him that the shopkeeper offered a bribe”. If he responds with ‘Sia told me’, then the lawyer is aware that Sia is not before the courtroom to testify at trial. In this case, the lawyer could make an”hearsay” objections.

What Does Objection Hearsay Mean in Court ?

In the defamation trial on Monday Johnny Depp’s house manager, Ben King, testified in the courtroom. Heard’s lawyer , Mr. Rottenborn was questioning Ben King regarding an incident that occurred in the year 2015. In 2015, the finger of Depp was cut in half He claimed Heard had thrown two vodka bottle at him. According to the report of Mr. Rottenborn, Depp wounded his finger by himself.

In this case in this case, in this incident. Rottenborn questioned Ben King did he really know what happened to Johnny’s finger when there on the 8th of March, correctly? When Ben King began to answer. Ben started his answer to the question, his colleague Mr. Rottenborn interrupted and said, “objection hearsay”. It left the viewers wondering: What exactly is “objection hearsay”?

The judge Penney Azcarate responded, saying that ” but you were questioning”. He was then able to laugh. Depp and his lawyer laughed loudly.

More information about hearsay

According to law, hearsay could be described as evidence provided by a person who is specifics of an event that was narrated by someone else instead of a narrative of something the individual witness personally experienced and witnessed. In the event of hearsayin court, the judge is required to prevent the witness from recounting the incident.

Objection Hearsay is a term employed by the lawyer of Amber Heard during the course of a trial. According to the article What is Objection Hearsay? The trial of Depp streaming live was streamed, and millions of viewers were watching and commenting upon what they saw. A few viewers were unable to grasp the meaning of the word.


This article explains the term “hearsay” is explained using simple words. Anyone who is unable to comprehend its meaning will be aware that it’s there. The term was coined by the lawyer of Heard and later became a source of laughter during the trial. The trial was streamed live and watched by a lot of people from all over the world.