Find out the details about The Compass Recovery Does in Minecraft. How to activate and locate the recovery compass.

Did you know that Minecraft has new stands available? The new 1.19v update to the Bedrock edition released 7-June-2022. Also known as The Wild Update, Canada, and United Kingdom. It’s available for Windows, Androids, iOSs, Nintendo Switches, PlayStation, Xbox and MacOS.

Now, what are your options? Get the latest update now and see the What Does Compass recovery Do write-up.

The Recovery Compass:

The Recovery Compass can be found in Minecraft’s most recent update. Recovery Compass will allow you to locate the old loot locations where you can find looted items left behind after you die. It is useful in cases where the player may die several times, or in an unusual setting.

How can I activate it?

The Recovery Compass can be activated by holding the Hotbar, while still holding it, and while standing on the Hotbar. To locate What Does a Recovery Compass in Minecraft, the player will need to hold the Recovery Compass. The needle will point to the place where the player has last died. To reach the location, players must follow the pointer.

There are certain conditions which must be fulfilled first. Take, for example:

  1. The player must still be in that same dimension where his previous death occurred.
  2. If the compass spins constantly, it means that the player is in an alternate dimension.
  3. If the player fails to locate the last location on his quest, the compass will point at his current location for reincarnation.
  4. The snapshots area is the only way to access the Recovery Compass.

Enchantments To Enjoy What Does the Compass Recovery Do ? :

There is one enchantment to use with the recovery compass. This is known as the “Curse Of Vanishing”.

Finding a Recovery Compass:

To receive Echo Shard (found in a chest), the player must travel towards the Ancient City. The Ancient City, a new area of a deep-dark Biome, is the best place to find Echo Shard. There are many blocks in the Biome that are unique: Skull Catalyst Skull Shrieked Skull Sensor Skull Sensor, Skull Sensor, Skull Vein.

The only crafting ingredient for the creation of the Recovery Compass and for finding out what does Compass Recovery do, is the Compass In The Eight Emblem Shard.’ This will generate the Recovery Compass.

Recovery Compass identifies the exact location of the player’s death. It is the primary objective of the Recovery Compass.


In the middle lies the Ancient City of Wool Blocks & Deep Slate. Hidden, is a Chest containing an Echo Shard. The player is attacked by a warden in the ancient city, who has 500 health points. He senses smell and sounds. A Skull Shrieked activation three times will produce vibration/sound. It won’t be simple to find the Recovery comppass.

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