For most visitors, Dubai, UAE, we can arrange a foreign getaway. Whether it’s the city’s mysterious beaches, mesmerizing nightlife, or material enjoyment, this desert oasis is sure to have something for everyone.

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A few things to know about Dubai

When to go to Dubai? Timeliness is everything.

The best time to travel to Dubai depends on the type of adventure you want to take on. Personally, I live in Dubai in the winter. This is when the weather is not too hot or too cold but just right. This is the ideal time for you to go to the beach for a fresh rest by the cool breeze blowing through your hair. The biggest thing is, it’s Christmas in Dubai! The streets will be decorated with holiday decorations. Everyone will rejoice, and the weather will be forgiving. Without a doubt, winter is the best time to plan a trip to Dubai.

Is Dubai expensive?

The problem with all this fun is that it comes with a high price tag. Flights to Dubai will be more expensive in the winter months. Hotel rooms will be more expensive, and shopping can leave significant holes in your wallet. Usually, items such as jewelry, souvenirs, and clothing become more expensive during the winter because the tourism industry is at its peak. Since the summer months of May are extremely hot, people tend to stay indoors as much as possible. Therefore, prices are being reduced to entice buyers.

If you’re looking for a more affordable tour, head to Dubai in the summer when flights and hotels are more affordable. Your visit will still be an enjoyable experience, but due to the heat of summer, many of your experiences will be inside places like malls, cinemas, and restaurants. Of course, you can still spend time in Dubai, exploring the great outdoors; You need to remember to drink enough water and bring some sunscreen.

Casual dress

Dubai is part of the UAE and is, therefore, a Muslim country. Show respect behind town casual attire – a pair of knee-length pants or a skirt and shirt that covers the shoulders. If you’re going to the hills (it’s hot there!) and of course wearing bikinis at the resort beach and pool, you can wear extra summer clothes.

Show respect in the month of Ramadan

If you are going to Dubai during the month of Ramadan, it is extremely important to respect the rules that Muslims follow. This means that during the month of Ramadan, you will not be able to eat, drink or smoke every day from sunrise and sunset.

Notes on alcohol

Alcohol is legal in the UAE, but it’s important not to drink in public places or to create your own scene after leaving a bar. Only licensed companies can serve alcohol, although it is available in all major hotels.

Show affection openly

If you’re meeting with your partner, be aware of the laws governing public displays of affection. To be on the safe side, avoid kissing or holding hands in public.

A common misconception about Dubai revolves around the extreme wealth of certain individuals. It’s important to know that you can get to Dubai on a budget with luxury cars and seven-star hotels. Dubai is composed of 85% expats working in the same type of industry back home, so you can plan to travel to some other places like Sharjah, Abu Dhabi etc. and always try to use cheap car rental in Abu Dhabi for your daily travel during your trip and enjoy the budget friendly vacation.

Friday and Saturday weekend

Unlike the Western world, the weekly holidays in Dubai are Friday and Saturday. This means Thursday nights and Friday nights are the best nights for socializing. Malls are open late on weekends and you can expect to be surrounded by shoppers until midnight.

This is an extremely safe country

The crime rate in this city is almost non-existent and street crime is almost nonexistent in Dubai. This is a very safe destination in this area and is great for solo travelers.

Public transport in Dubai.

When it comes to visiting Dubai, there are several options such as renting a car, taking a taxi, or using Dubai’s public transport.

The most popular means of transportation that visitors think of is the city taxi. And to be fair, taxis provide a wonderfully comfortable ride. In Dubai, cars are rudimentary, drivers are calm, friendly and most importantly, drivers take safety very seriously.

Seemingly lucrative as a taxi cab, it’s not ideal for exploring and commuting on a daily basis due to its high cost and tight travel budget. For this reason, I recommend purchasing an NOL transit pass from your nearest gas station. This rechargeable card will give you access to the city’s reliable metro system and services. Abundant bus service. Before you go through the long and restless journey of how much you hate the idea of using public transport of any kind, let me tell you that Dubai ensures that it’s public transport system Their prices are affordable, safe, and comfortable. Most importantly the bus and subway are on time. These qualities are rare for public transport systems in most cities.

Deciding what to wear in Dubai can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re coming to Dubai as a woman. Now, Dubai likes to present itself as a diverse and Western tourist hotspot in the Arab world, a region of the world not known for its enthusiasm for those ideals. Although in many cases these adjectives can be attributed to Dubai, it is still a traditional Muslim country. Many tourists in Dubai have called the nearest police station because they cannot remember.

When it comes to clothing, Dubai is much more modest than its regional neighbors in the Middle East. Women are not required to wear abayas (long gowns or skirts) and people are allowed to show off a little more skin, if they may say, Saudi Arabia. If you go out in public, a good rule of thumb is to cover everything from shoulders to knees. Avoid pressing hard on the cleavage or buttocks. If you’re on the beach or in the pool, you’re allowed to wear bikinis and swimwear. If you plan to do grueling muscle exercises during your trip, wear a sports shirt and long pants.