Roseanne was a TV show developed in the late 1990s by Roseanne Barr along with Matt Williams. The Roseanne series aired on the ABC network from 18th October 1988 until the 20th of May in 1997 United States. From the 27th March 2018 to 22nd May 2018 The Roseanne series was renewed.

Although Roseanne was a popular show, and the Roseanne series was among the most watched television show however, the remarks made by Roseanne Barr were threatening and a violation of the values of the community of ABC. Learn more about what happened to Roseanne Receive a Cancellation?

About Roseanne series:

The Roseanne series was inspired by a family that lived in a fictional town called Lanford situated in Illinois. Roseanne is a sitcom series that focused upon the middle class in the American family.

Roseanne series ranking:

Roseanne series reached the top in 1989 and 1990 in the Nielsen ratings. Following its debut, nearly 18 million viewers viewed the Roseanne show.

The Roseanne series also gained fame because its four seasons earned the top spot out of six. In the following years, eight of its seasons were at the top of the rankings. However, the question is what happened to Rosanne Barr? What did Rosanne Barr do?

Roseanne the series’ legacy was not over when it ended in 1997 . it was ranked 35th on the TV Guide of 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time and 32nd on the TV Guide of 60 Best Series of All Time.

Roseanne series revival:

Due to the huge popularity that popular Roseanne show, ABC decided to revive season 10 of the Series in May of 2017. Over 27.26 million viewers were watching the entire season 10 of the Roseanne series. This is why ABC then announced 13 additional seasons of episodes to be released for Season 11.

How Did Roseanne Receive a Cancellation For? the sequence of Events:

Roseanne Barr gained massive popularity from 1988 until 1997. Following the relaunch of Roseanne series in the year 2018, Roseanne Barr came into the spotlight once more and gained a huge following.

And, unfortunately for Barr Barr was criticized for his remarks regarding Valerie Jarrett, who was an advisor to the president Barack Obama and an Assistant to the president for intergovernmental and public engagement issues from 2009 until 2017.

Roseanne series cancellation:

The president of the ABC network has criticized Roseanne Barr as repugnant, infuriating and contrary to the ABC values of the network. After this incident on May 29, 2018 the ABC network canceled its Roseanne series. It also answered the question – What did Roseanne Receive a Cancellation For?

Roseanne series spin-off series:

Then, when the ABC network saw the need for a sitcom the network announced a new series to Roseanne. Roseanne series and then launched The Conners serial without the involvement of Roseanne Barr.


Since Valerie Jarrett was an African-American woman, the tweet of Roseanne Barr said that Muslim brotherhood and Planet of the Apes have an infant = vj. This Tweet was deemed to be an “ape” Tweet and was considered to be racist.