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This news article was based solely on Jerry Harris’ documentary and related documents, which are well-known in both the United Kingdom & United States. This blog will be discussing the case in which Jerry Harris was arrested by the government for criminal activity. This blog post What Did Jerry Harris Do will provide more information about the case and its current status.

The case:

In September 2020, nine months after Cheer was launched by Navarro, a cheerleader named Jerry Harris became well-known. He was the sibling to 14-year-old teens who had filed a lawsuit against him. Later, he was detained by the FBI for publishing material that could be used to assault others. The beloved viewer, well-known for his contagious “mat talk” during practice, his detention surprised his colleagues, trainers, as well as viewers of the documentary series.

Jerry Harris What Did he Do?

The Government indicted Harris for further offenses, including inducement and obtaining indecent pictures, traveling while attempting to enter into physical relations with a child, and obtaining indecent photographs.

Dec 17, 2020 saw him enter into a not-plea agreement for each of seven allegations. He changed his sentence on February 10, 2022 and confessed to one charge each of obtaining intimate images and one of assultating a minor. Harris could spend up to three year in jail for the one accusation, according to the judge.

What Did Jerry Harris Donow Since Sept 2020’s imprisonment, Jerry Harris, 22 years old, has been detained in Chicago at the Correctional Centre. The court refused Harris bail in October 2020. They claimed Harris posed a threat to the public.

Who is Jerry,

Jerry, a former American cheerleader, was well-known for his appearance in the Cheer documentary. The FBI accused him indecent images and other child crimes. This is Jerry Harris What Did he Do?

Harris entered a plea guilty to 2 out of 7 charges. This was on February 10, 2022. Harris was found guilty, sentenced to 12 Years in Jail on Jul 6, 2022 and 8 years of Juvenile Parole.


After thorough research, we found the confirmed details. Jerry Harrishas also been accused of mistreating children. This led to a case being filed against him and he was sentenced for 12 years. You can read the whole article to learn more.

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