Elizabeth Holmes is guilty in defrauding investors. Her guilt was found by a jury on four counts. It is a topic of great interest in Canada as well as the United States. She has been convicted of fraud and conspiracy. The verdict renders the question What Did Elizabeth Holmes Do highly relevant. The verdict was voted on by the jury for more than fifty days. This article will focus on the facts and details of the case.

Who are Elizabeth Holmes?

Elizabeth Holmes founded Theranos (a health-tech company) that attempted to revolutionize blood testing mechanics. They developed new methods to perform these tests. Holmes was declared the United States’ richest female billionaire. However, all this was not to be her last, as she was charged with fraud and other charges by an American judge. She was accused of fraud by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

What Did Elizabeth Holmes DO becomes apparent as she allegedly deceived the investors regarding the accuracy of Theranos blood testing technology. She had already settled that case but was indicted by the federal grand jury in June 2017. In the middle of 2021, the trial began. Nearly seven months later, she has been found guilty and sentenced not only to restitution but also to compensation.

Elizabeth Holmes and the Shenanigans

Holmes dated Balwani during her time in Theranos. After the company’s collapse, she began dating Billy Evans. Her career seems to have been built on this deceit Elizabeth Holmes Did . John Carreyou’s book, ‘Bad Blood: Secrets and Lyings in a Silicon Valley Startup’, described her career and the aftermath. HBO also made a documentary to this effect.

The documentary shows how Elizabeth Holmes and the company were built on lies. Overnight, it became clear that she was a fraudster, and should be dealt with. She was at the top of her career and had an impact on popular culture.

What Did Elizabeth Holmes Do in Prison? The Sentencing Act and Prison

Elizabeth Holmes is convicted of fraud and conspiracy. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison by a unanimous jury. The date for her sentence is still unknown. She may be permitted to spend less prison time. Holmes’s life and Theranos are now finished.


Elizabeth Holmes’ case is one of the most significant cases in American legal memory. While her sentencing is not yet finalized, she was charged for an offense that carries a maximum penalty of twenty years. What did Elizabeth Holmes do? This question was now answered by court and the grand juries will decide the punishment.