They’re finally here: smart homes are now hot on the market! Society has long awaited the arrival of homes that make use of the latest technologies to the point where the homes seem to have lives of their own. What can you expect from this new wave of living upgrades? Find some of the best smart home offerings in the article below.

Remember the Wi-Fi

It is rather convenient to have your entire home operate at your beck and call, but it can only do so in the presence of steady electric power and strong Wi-Fi. In order to keep all of your appliances and smart system working, you should invest in upgrades to your current system. Plume, for example, offers a smart home solution that extends the reach of Wi-Fi to every corner of your home.

Smart Assistant

Amazon Echo and Google Home pair well with smart homes. These devices make it easy to perform tasks using the sound of your voice. They allow you to check the weather, search the internet, and play your favorite songs. Once linked to your smart home, your smart assistant extends your reach to all of your appliances, including your TV, washer, dryer, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

Smart Lights

Most homes will have more than one switch to control just one set of lights. The switches are often located at the entrances and exits of the home to make it easier for people to use them whenever needed. Although having more switches does help make the home more livable, it still poses a problem when the lights are out and you need to fumble in the dark to find a switch. Smart lights can be activated with one tap on your smartphone or tablet so that your path is lit before you even enter the room or home.

Smart Thermostat

Where is your thermostat located? Probably not in your bedroom! Most homes install their thermostats in common areas that may be quite far away from your sleeping area. This location may be easy to reach while you’re awake, but you may not want to climb out of your bed to adjust the device. Thanks to the smart thermostat, you can raise or lower the temperature from the comfort of your blanket and get back to sleep rather quickly.

Smart Appliances

All of your appliances can become super appliances with the help of smart home technology. One smartphone can activate your washer in the basement, your dishwasher in the kitchen, and your TV in the living room. A smart refrigerator can scan its contents to make it easier for you to create a grocery shopping list! Each appliance has its own set of features that you can exploit to make full use of its capabilities.

Smart Security Monitoring

If you live alone, you know how stressful it can be to think about whether or not you left the front door unlocked or your garage door wide open. After all, one little mishap can lead to a rather unfortunate night of opportunistic theft. A smart security system can tell you things like:

  • Someone is at your door
  • There is smoke in the house
  • Your garage door is open
  • An appliance is plugged in
  • There is a leak somewhere

A smart home security system can keep you and your family safe while providing peace of mind.

Smart Locks

Did you remember to lock your door when you left the house this morning? Unlocked homes are a thing of the past with smart technology. Rest easy knowing that you can lock your doors wherever there is available internet connectivity. This is also handy for those times when you forget your house keys in a distant location.

Smart homes are trending, and it’s your chance to jump in on the action! Power up your entire home with one device and a Wi-fi connection. Are you ready for the smart home experience?