colors of glitter nail polish powder

The sand gold rose color, also known as the mermaid color, has a light pink base with a very fine gold flash, white, and temperament.

If you apply thin, the pink tone is not too obvious, but the metallic sense is still dazzling.

The effect of the thick coating is as follows, and it will be more eye-catching, like the koi scales generally shine.

And the above bottle of the same series of purple gold flash, but also more mature. It is also more mature. It is purple in strong light and gold in low light.

This is the effect of a thin layer.

The effect of applying two layers is full of purple metallic sense.

Miss Candy is a national nail polish brand, a relatively healthy water-based nail polish, and the advantage is quick-drying, and dry after the whole piece can be torn off with your hands; the disadvantage is that it can only hold a maximum of two or three days, try not to touch the water within a few hours after application.

It has counters in Yintai, Impression City, and other shopping centers, so you can try it out before you get it to avoid stepping on a mine and eating dust.

Very dark green, a single layer is difficult to apply evenly; thick coating white, suitable for summer and Christmas.

The effect of the thick coating is as follows, and it belongs to the safety card.

It is said to be a nail polish that can change with the temperature, the bottle through a peach color. Thinly applied thickly applied are very good-looking, very whitish, and youthful light peach pink, with a slight sense of pearlescence. The actual fact is that it’s a brand from South Korea, and acrylic dip glitter powder can be considered as its leading flower, even if it’s a counter purchase is only 28 yuan (nonsense, the amount is also less ah!).

The biggest disadvantage of Zoya is the small brush head, but the disadvantage of Yue Shi Feng Yin is that the brush head is too big and too thick.

Look at this fat brush head. If you are not careful, you will brush out of bounds, and no matter how many layers you apply, the fingertip piece is very easy to fall off, is not disturbing?

This one is the popular color of Yue Shi Feng Yin, with a fine flash, showing temperament and gentle is not very white.

However, the effect of a thin coating will be much better than a thick coating, and there is a light brown tone of beans sense.

Low-key nude color, with gold glitter but not very obvious when applied.

Apply on the hand is very close to the flesh color. Any season to use the color will not be abrupt.

A very bright blood orange, there is a sense of fluorescence, only recommended for children with white skin to get.

Translucent blood orange, watery, light, with a little fluorescent, more black.

Most of the black acrylic dip glitter powder actually will not show hands white if the gloss is too high but will show dirty.

But this bottle is a pleasant surprise after the hands will soon become translucent frosted texture, looks very textured.

This bottle of mint green, through the bottle, is not to mess with!

The very light blue mixed with a little green feeling, the hands have a fluorescent sense.

The black shows black, thin coating thick coating can not save it.

If it is half and half of the old children will certainly have an impression of it, last summer, it is a very summer sense of color, between light blue and green, more than the above mint green to daily.

The nail is frosted; with the angle of the change, there will be a fine silver flash, like the summer afternoon aquamarine general radiant.

As for how to apply? It is really simple, and three steps can easily handle: 1.

1, the first layer, a thin coating of all the nails.

2, the second layer, apply the front 2/3 of the nail

3, the third layer, apply only 1/3 of the front of the nail.

Apply as half and half, and it will dry slowly; you can add a layer of quick-drying oil or bake it with a light therapy machine. Of course, this color definitely does not show white, but it will not be too much of a drag is all.

Half a half before browsing, Taobao received a push, claiming that you can do nail art at home, looking at the cute, so an impulse to get a hand.

It includes a bottle of cherry red galglitter Acrylic dip glitter powder, a macaron LED light therapy lamp, a nail file, a cuticle push, and a packet of nail removal tablets.

At home, rub and push first polish the base of the nail, then apply the acrylic dip glitter powder. After that, stick your fingers into the LED light for 30 seconds to dry quickly.

This LED light, with no heat sensation, no burning, and no burnt smell, is said to be used to dry other brands of acrylic dip glitter powder as well.

The finished product is as follows.

In order to ensure 100% color development, half and the half thick coating of two layers, still 30 seconds quick drying. After drying, there is no unusual acrylic dip glitter powder pungent smell, and on the contrary, there is a light fruity fragrance.

As for the color, it is a very positive big red medium.

Half and half think it, if you want to show your hands white, you should recognize all kinds of red nail polish, especially the dark red series. At the same time, avoid all the candy colors, fluorescent colors, and black.

Before applying acrylic dip glitter powder, you can apply a base coat to protect your nails and finally add a clear top coat to increase its shine and longevity.

Of course, galglitter acrylic dip glitter powder should not be applied too often, and it is best to take a few days between the two so that the nails can fully rest as for the girls who are preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or avoiding.

In addition, children with sensitive skin can reduce the frequency of nail art as appropriate, especially around the eyes that are more sensitive. Because acrylic dip glitter powder may contain substances that can release acetaldehyde and toluene, these substances will come into contact with the skin around your eyes when you apply eye cream and rub your eyes.