We all love bicycling and it is currently one of the most recommended forms of exercise by many doctors to stay in shape, and many individuals choose to do so. However, sharing the road with numerous automobiles makes it a dangerous task. A bicycle’s structural orientation makes riding one extremely dangerous. Nowadays, there are more bicycle accidents because of irresponsible driving on the part of both the rider and other drivers. The most severe injuries, including brain damage, major bone fractures, severe bruising, internal damage, and even death, can occur when a bicyclist is involved in a collision. You may file a lawsuit against the other party if their carelessness leads to a bicycle accident. There are many legal options which are mentioned below that you can follow after you face a bicycle accident-

  • Hire an attorney

After you face a bicycle accident due to the negligence of another party, you are eligible to file a lawsuit against them. As you are not in a state of defending yourself you should consult a lawyer who is specialized in such cases. They are a good negotiator; they negotiate with the right party for the maximum amount of monetary compensation.

  • Report to the nearest police station

When you encounter a bicycle accident you always go to a police station to make a report and never forget to keep one copy of the report with you. If you become unconscious due to the injury, it is the responsibility of the bystander to make a report to the police station.

  • Gather all the evidence 

Make sure to take pictures of the pieces of evidence and also take the contact info of the witness. This would help in defending the case and make your case stronger. 

  • Payment of medical bills by the health insurer

You should ensure that your health insurance company is responsible for all your medical bills.

  • Claiming compensation from the party at fault

You are eligible to claim monetary compensation from the parties at fault like the rider of the other vehicle, the employer of the driver, the government, and the bike manufacturer too.


Accidents bring grief to your life and it is one of the most unexpected occurrences that can happen in your life. So, you should always be aware of the legal procedure that you have to follow after a bicycle accident.