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Now many friends are preparing to take various certification examinations, such as AWS SAP certification examination. What are the contents of AWS SAP certification examination? What is the test form? Let’s give some details to our friends.

I: What Are the Contents of AWS SAP Certification Exam?

The SAP exam spoto c01 aws dumps covers the following:

1: Design in complex organizational environment.

This part mainly focuses on the system design in complex organizational environment, such as an organization with multiple business units, complex compliance requirements and changeable scalability requirements, how to carry out authentication and access control in this environment, and how to plan AWS network to meet cross VPC, account or interwork with its own data center network.

In our daily work, we pay more attention to the design and implementation of the system. Most people don’t have many opportunities to practice in the above complex environment, which is also the most challenging and time-consuming part in the learning process.

2:Design new solutions

How to design a new solution based on AWS platform to meet non functional requirements such as performance, reliability, scalability and economy while meeting business requirements. In this part, we will pay more attention to the understanding of AWS core services, such as EC2, EBS, S3, LAM, Security Group, RDS, API Gateway, Lambda, SNS, SQS, etc.

Migration planning.

The system and data are migrated from its own data center to AWS platform.

Cost control.

How to structure the system in the most effective way.

Existing system optimization.

II: AWS SAP Certification Exam Form

The examination questions are all choice questions, including single-choice questions and multiple-choice questions. If it is a multiple-choice question, the question will be marked with several correct options.

Compared with SAA certification, SAP certification has greatly improved the difficulty of the subject. SAA focuses on the understanding of various service functions of AWS, which is more conceptual and the questions are more direct, while SAP test focuses on the practical application of knowledge, and the scene is more complex. If English is selected as the test language, SAP test will first face three hours of English reading and understanding, and then the AWS certification test behind it.

Such a problem is more similar to the daily work scenario: give a hypothetical business scenario with specific expectations and constraints, and then give a solution. In addition to understanding the functions, features, usage scenarios and limitations of various AWS services, SAP also needs more practical experience and more understanding of architecture. Therefore, it is not too much to say that sap is the most difficult AWS certification examination. It is estimated that this is why AWS recommends learning step by step according to the recommended learning path before SAP certification.

III: What Is the Amazon’s AWS SAP Certification Exam Experience

1. Sign up for AWS training courses, which can be any one mentioned in this article. These courses will certainly help you increase your knowledge of cloud computing and AWS.

2. Review available study or examination guides.

3. Read various AWS white papers. These white papers contain some valuable information that can answer many of your questions.

4. Practice, practice, practice, repeat important things three times. Practice can help you better understand the detailed functions of each service and product, so as to reduce the anxiety or pressure that may appear in the certification examination.

5. Once you are ready, make a plan for the exam. According to your personal experience and the type of certificate you want to obtain, you usually need to spend 80-120 hours practicing or studying in order to fully prepare for the exam.
What are the contents of AWS SAP certification exam? The above has introduced the related questions about AWS SAP certification exam. Before taking the test, you must carefully study the test content. If you have any questions, you can consult us