Are you a pocket gamer looking for the best mobile strategy games to play on your iPhone? You’ve come to the right place – we’ve been looking at all that’s available on today’s crowded iPhone marketplace.

Keep reading to find what we’ve discovered. From online blackjack to the most complex tactical wargames, iPhone owners have a brilliant range of great apps available.

Of course loads of them are quick ways to get a short fix of simple gaming. You can do a puzzle while waiting for the bus or get in a tetris-style mental zone for a while on a work coffee break.

But we all know that the iPhone is a world-class sophisticated supercomputer that sits in your pocket. It has superhuman powers and can handle a lot more than the digital equivalent of a crossword puzzle.

Head to the App Store and you’ll see some serious games that push the iPhone’s processing power a lot further… and your brain’s processing power too.

Find casino classics like the eternal favourites blackjack and roulette, or look for something truly strategic. Here’s our pick of the best iPhone strategy games:

Clash of Clans

Lead your clan to epic heroic victories against the rival villages amid the engrossing graphics of our favourite, Clash of Clans. You win by using strategy and planning to create the best combination of troops, spells and heroes.

Win battles and make the defence of your village impregnable using a great array of mortars, cannons, bombs, traps and battle towers. It’s about building a great clan and cleverly using an effective arsenal of resources.

This classic game can become as serious and exciting as you want. You can even tackle other players – to battle your way to the top of the global leader board.

Rise of Empires: Fire and War

Need an ego boost? In RoE you become the leader of a small town and the people look up to you as a saviour.

The town was destroyed by a previous invasion – so can you rebuild it from the ruins and make it strong once more? Like Clash of Clans you’ll need more than quick fingers and a wavering attention span – this is a game that demands strategy.

You’ll be building from scratch, recruiting your heroes, training your troops and creating alliances with other powers. The war is never-ending – this time will you triumph against the evil eastern dynasty?

It’s thrilling and inspiring too. As well as huge battlefield victories, players can build amazing cities.

And finally notice that Rise of Empires looks amazing. The graphics are ultra-realistic – making the most of the iPhone’s brilliant screen quality.

Clash Royale

Most reviewers rate Clash Royale as one of the best strategy games in the App Store and we put it in our top three too. It’s a game with all the ingredients for a top strategy game for iPhone players.

You win by using intelligence, wisdom and experience to create a mighty battle deck. Get it right and you will destroy your real-time multiplayer rivals.

Play centres on the collection and use of special cards. Use them cleverly and you’ll gain many more.

Expect action-packed battles, global tournaments and gathering powerful resources, like magic talisman and special spells. With so many layers and arenas, Clash Royale offers hours and hours of fascinating gameplay.

Strategic playing isn’t only about lopping off the heads of rival warriors. Sometimes the tactics and battling are more about puzzling your way to victory. is a clever game of strategy that involves dots and maps. You’ll need more logic than magic spells to succeed.

Players expand their territory by fighting one on one with neighbours but as they grow they can start taking on more and more rivals. It’s a pure strategy game – and a great test of your logical skills.

Stick War: Legacy

With an unusual format among iOS games, this stick figure game has a reputation as one of the most addictive at the App Store. It takes a bit of learning and getting used to – but once you’re hooked by Stick War you’ll want to play it to the exclusion of all else.

The play involves building army units with sword, archer and spear warriors. There’s a bit of mining for gold thrown in for good measure too.

Start with the normal level, graduate into hard, then head for the ‘insane’ level. Play can vary enormously by clicking onto versions involving a win-before-sunset format or a crazy zombie-survival mode.

XCOM: Enemy Within

This iOS strategy game for the iPhone involves 3D rendering of squad-style battles. It looks good and plays really well.

Work your way into this one slowly because there are lots of avenues to follow. You’ll find a good array of missions, enemy threats, resources and maps. 

Power up your troops with a supply of new weapons and special equipment. Then set them up to defend your base… against alien attack.

Boom Beach

Here is our final choice to play on your iPhone. We think the little-known Boom Beach is an action-packed thriller.

You play as a heroic commander and attack your enemy to free their captive slaves. You must form your task force, make a plan and then put it into action.

Gameplay has plenty of sudden turns, like the mysterious life crystals and evil turncoat bosses who can derail your plans. Best of all: it all takes place in a tropical paradise.