This Werwis Reviews article will inform our readers about the product offered on this site. This post will provide all the updates.

Do you like electronic Items? Do you want 1080 HD Mini wireless cameras? Are you looking to purchase all electronic items at home from one site? Look no further than the Werwis site in the United States for all things electronic. There is an amazing selection of electronic products you can buy.

This Werwis Reviews blog post will contain all information about Werwis, such as its legitimacy and other characteristics. We invite you to spend some time reading more about Werwis.

Overview at Werwis

Werwis, an online shop that sells electronic items at very low prices, is a great option. It allows you to order products online at an affordable price.

Werwis sold many items such as:

  • Mini voice activated recording device
  • Charger for USB-connected Wi-Fi wall outlets
  • Smart fingerprint lock
  • Voice-activated recorder
  • Mini HD camera

Does Werwis Have Legitimate? This website sells many electronic items like cameras, chargers and fingerprint sensors. This site is legit, but it’s important to check if they offer a good deal. This site is relatively new. Even the domain was only created four months back. This website is not legitimate. Be careful of scammers and other scammers. You can read all updates below to find out more about this website.

Features by Werwis

  • Buy 1080 HD Mini Wireless Camera from
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Contact number: +1 (201 801 65205
  • Address: 312 West 34th Street New York (New York 10001), United States
  • Werwis Comments has not displayed any interest according the online rating. We do not have any reviews of customers or official sites.
  • Return Policy: You can return any item within one month of purchasing. There is no fee for returns.
  • Shipping Policy
  • Payment modes: VISA, stripe, master card, American express, apple pay, etc.

Positive Highlights

  • Find contact numbers, email addresses, and a physical address.
  • This website is following HTTPS.

Negative Highlights

  • There has never been a social media account that was not created.
  • The review was not written online.
  • The details of the owner have not yet been verified.

Does Werwis Legit ?

American website Werwis sells various electronic items. It is a public store that offers hidden cameras. Many policies are offered, including return, cancellation, shipping. This seems genuine. But one should verify that it is legal so they can protect themselves against scammers.

You can find out if this is a legit site by reading the following information.

  • Registration Deadline:15-01-2022. Our registration deadline is January 2022. So, we cannot trust this website.
  • Registrar LLC
  • Customer review: We haven’t seen Werwis anywhere online.
  • Trust score: The trust score at Werwis is just 2%. The trust score of the Werwis website is 2%.
  • A Social Account: Currently, there is no account for on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.
  • All policies like cancellation, shipping, and return are valid. This makes it easy to trust the policies.
  • Missing Data Owner’s information are missing.
  • Founded Details Phone number, email, address.
  • Data securityThis website is able to transmit data securely through the HTTPS protocol.

Werwis Reviews

Werwis supplied all necessary information such as email, phone number, and address. Only the Owner’s details are missing. This website does not have any good reviews online, and we did not find any reviews on its official web site. It is also impossible to find online accounts on this site’s online platform. Alexa says that this ranking isn’t good because of the site’s traffic. Customers should verify details about credit card scamming.


In conclusion, this post has all the information about Werwis . According to the trust score, and short life expectancy, it could not be trusted. It appears to be fraud. It appears to be a fraud.

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