Wentil Reviews provides exclusive facts that are not available anywhere else. It is a website selling brand-name items at the lowest MRP.

Are you looking for multi-purpose, brandable products online in United States Do you need heavy electronic and electric equipment at the lowest MRP Do you frequently use DIY tools or utilities? Are you searching for an online store that sells a wide selection of such items with free shipping?

Wentil.shop, an e-store offering these solutions, is one example. We will now examine Wentil.shop to verify its authenticity in the Wentil Comments.


Wentil.shop – A new commercial ecommerce selling a wide range household utilities and tools. Goeil.shop has more than 776 products, including:

  1. Hoverboard,
  2. Winter Goods
  3. Kitchen Household,
  4. Utilities, tools
  5. Furniture,
  6. Christmas products
  7. Books,
  8. Humidifiers,
  9. Accessories for computers
  10. Generators,
  11. Air Purifiers,
  12. Automotive accessories and spares
  13. Coffee machines, etc.

Wentil.shop appears to be a fraud since the website’s contents were copied from auirreas.xyz.com zodre.com zoukongs.com etc. The website does not have a mission statement, so it is unclear what its purpose is. Wentil.shop has all the bulky items and products at a low MRP.

Features determining Is Wentil Legit:

  • Buy utilities and tools at: https://wentil.shop/.
  • Social media Link:unspecified from Wentil
  • Pricing: between $99.99 and $10.25
  • Physical Address: 3412 S Saint Lucie Dr, Casselberry, Florida-32707, US.
  • Customer reviews and blogs:Blogging has been disabled.
  • Terms And Conditions:present. Plagiarism was detected on Wentil.
  • Privacy policypresent, however plagiarism was found on Wentil.
  • Phone or Whatsapp Number:unspecified by Wentil
  • Store locatornot featured in Wentil
  • Help & FAQ: mentionned on Wentil’s Contact Us pages.
  • Delivery Policies:unspecified for Wentil.
  • Shipping Policy –unspecified on Wentil
  • Wentil Review Cancellation policy:unspecified Wentil
  • Trackingunspecified in Wentil
  • Wentil supports Return Policy.30 day returns are accepted.
  • Returns Policy: unspecified at Wentil
  • Email address:[email protected].
  • Payment Mode:via PayPal MasterCard Visa Visa Discover Amex in USD
  • Newsletters Supported and Published by Wentil


  • Wentil offers many multi-purpose household utilities as well as tools.
  • Wentil offers shipping free of charge on all items
  • Wentil has all products, including discounts at the lowest MSRP
  • Wentil features a user-friendly interface, which allows for searching, sorting, filtering and other options.
  • Wentil has detailed images and product descriptions.

Conclusions determined in Wentil Reviews 

  • Wentil’s physical location is not marked on the map. It is thus fake.
  • Wentil customer service is difficult to contact because the contact number isn’t present
  • Wentil’s products are updated using a fake inventory value 99,999
  • Wentil was not designed to manage inventory and poor logic. One user could order all 99.999 units of one product.
  • Wentil encourages PayPal payments. Card transactions must be approved
  • Wentil products are covered by a unrealistic lifetime warranty
  • Wentil doesn’t have any policies regarding shipping, delivery or cancellation.

Is Wentil Scam?

  • Wentil Creation deciding Is Wentil Legit: 18th April 2022 at 1:32:41AM.
  • Wentilage: one year and nineteen day old.
  • Wentil. 6th of May 2022, 3:38.59 AM.
  • Wentil Expiry: 18th April 2023 at 1:32:41AM.
  • Wentil’s life expectancy isexpires after ten months or eleven days.
  • Trust Index Wentil achieved a horrible rank of 1% trust.
  • Ranking for Business:Wentil achieved an 14.4% business rank.
  • Where of origin:Wentil is registered in USA.
  • Status for Blacklisting Wentil does not have to be blacklisted.
  • SSL StatusIP has an SSL Certificate valid for the next 315.
  • Connection SecurityWentil transmits information over a secured HTTPS protocol.
  • Wentil Reviews – Suspicious Websites Proximity25%
  • Risk Profile:70%.
  • Phishing Score65%
  • Malware Score70%
  • Spam Score35%
  • Contact personunspecified, Wentil
  • Social relationships: Wentil doesn’t appear on social media.
  • Owner’s Identity and Contact:Wentil’s owner details are suppressed with internet censorship.

Customer Reviews:

Wentil is suspected of being a Scam. There are two YouTube reviews and two websites that have reviewed it. Wentil has an Alexa Zero ranking.

Wentil’s product reviews have yet to be rated. Additionally, Wentil has not received any customer ratings and reviews via social media or review sites. Find out more about Credit Card Fraud.


Wentil Reviews Conclude that Wentil.shop Is a Scam. Wentil.shop has an awful Trust, Business and Alexa ranking. Wentil scored well on threat, suspicion , phishing malware, spam profile, which is dangerous for users’ devices, personal and payment data, as well as personal and financial data. Wentil is expected to live a short lifespan. Wentil does not have customer reviews. We recommend To Avoid Online Fraud, Read The PayPal Scams

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