Imagine if you could play a puzzle game that is inspired by the NFL. You heard it correctly, Weddle, the NFL’s version of Wordle, is now available as a puzzle game.

Eric Weddle, a former student at the University of Utah, created the Wordle spin-off Weddle. In collaboration with a friend, he created the NFL version.

Soon after its release, players in the United States and Canada began searching for the Nfl Wordle game.

What’s Weddle NFL?

Weddle NFL is a daily puzzle game that’s based on Wordle. The game has a new twist: players must guess the name and position of an NFL player. The mystery five-letter word that contains the name of an NFL player is the clue. Players must solve it. This is the game for fans of streaming NFL games.

Players can play Weddle once per 24 hours. Players must guess the names of NFL players to win these challenge modes. The difficulty level is higher than Wordle.

How To Play Weddle NFl Game ?

It is a puzzle game. The gameplay requires you to solve the mystery words by using the letters available. It is interesting that players are limited to six attempts at guessing the correct answer. The game is completely free and comes with a grid system that requires you to pay attention in order to guess the correct answer.

  • Use the letters to guess the name of an NFL player
  • The list of fantasy football players will include the NFL players
  • Each guess changes the color in the Weddle Nfl Wordle game.
  • The yellow tile indicates that the guess is very close but not correct. The green tile is an indication that the guess was correct.
  • Yellow is the closest answer to the weight, height, and age column.

Because the game is limited to one player per day, it doesn’t allow them to start another game.

What is the Weddle Game Rules?

The NFL puzzle game Weddle allows players to solve the mystery words by using only six letters. The Weddle Nfl game provides clues and tips for solving the puzzle in the shortest time possible.

  • Players get six attempts
  • The Green column indicates that the guess is correct
  • Yellow means that the answer is incorrect and red means that the guess is close to the correct answer
  • Each day, players must solve a mystery word. They have one chance to play the game every two hours.


It’s the NFL version Wordle, the famous riddle game. It shares many of the same features as puzzles, but has new twists. In the Wordle game, players have six chances to correctly guess the name of an NFL player.