If you want to get information from web pages, web scraping is one of the most effective options you have. Moreover, web scraping has also helped businesses and researchers to gather accurate data from different websites all over the world.

Amazon, Goggle, Yelp, and eBay are some of the scraped websites that can aid you extract authentic information and data. Therefore, here in this blog, our experts have shortlisted the top websites for web scraping that you can use. 

How to select the right website scraping tool

There are a few things to consider when choosing a web scraping tool. The first is whether you want a tool that is self-contained (e.g. a desktop application) or one that is web-based. The second is whether you need a tool that can handle dynamic content (e.g. AJAX-based websites). The third is what kind of support you need (e.g. technical support, tutorials, etc.).

The blog WP Dev Shed recommends the best web scraping tool for you will depend on your specific needs. If you need a tool that is self-contained and can handle dynamic content, then a desktop application like Octoparse may be a good choice. If you need a tool that is web-based and has good support, then a tool like Import.io may be a better choice. 

It is also important to consider the cost of the web scraping tool. Some tools, like Octoparse, are free to use, while others, like Import.io, have subscription plans that start at $99 per month.

However, if you want an all-in-one tool, have a look at scrapingdog.com

Websites for Web Scraping

  1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the most scrapped websites at this moment. Since Amazon dominates the e-commerce market, its data is one of the most representative for any market research. 

Getting ecommerce data is difficult and the challenge that most users can face is scraping Amazon captcha. This captcha prevents the site from failing due to too many people wanting Amazon data and scraping can eventually overload the entire system. 

Amazon scraping can provide data for the following:

  • Price tagging
  • Competition study
  • MAP tracking
  • Product choice
  • Mood analysis
  1. Yelp

Like Yellowpages.com, Yelp can pretty easily locate businesses. For instance, when traveling, you may search for the best burger near you. This is where Yelp comes in your help. Moreover, Yelp is a free resource for people looking for cuisine or home services

Ratings and reviews are gold for businesses. Scrapers use Yelp reviews and rankings to gauge customer perceptions of their business and to benchmark their competitors.

  1. eBay

Web scraping is always most common on ecommerce sites, and eBay is indeed one of the websites to pick. There are a lot of people who use eBay to run their businesses, and getting any relevant data from eBay is an essential way for them to keep track of their competitors and observe the business stats of their competitors.

Moreover, many users even consider using eBay to extract data about other e-commerce marketplaces to build their own database and also to do in-depth market research. 

  1. Google

In fact, Google’s advanced machine learning algorithm may know everyone better than their loved ones. That’s all data we have with Google. 

The ones most are engaged in Google search may be SEO marketers. They use this platform to scrape through search results to acquire title, description, and keywords data for an SEO optimization approach.

In short, Google has always been one of the best web scraping websites for many small and established businesses. 

  1. Mercadolibre

Even though not everyone has heard of Mercadolibre, it’s a pretty well-known online marketplace in many Latin American countries, with Brazil being its biggest source of income. Its growth is sped up by the pandemic, and the net value of the company is now approximately $63 billion. 

This site is also considered one of the  most popular sites among many Spanish users, as they can easily extract the product data, price, detail URL, and also image URLs.  

  1. Indeed

According to Indeed, the giant job board has got a total of 175 million CVs. Many users don’t even remember much about those traditional job fairs because they’ve become so used to online jobs. 

In the past few years, it has indeed become an extraordinarily profitable business to put together a list of jobs, especially for niche markets. And this is only possible because of web scraping. 

Data from job sites is useful for more than just the people who build job boards. HR professionals, people looking for jobs, people who want to switch jobs, and also digital marketers are all interested in jobs data. 

So, if you’re looking for a job, Indeed can help you to have a clear idea of the marketplace. 

  1. Tripadvisor

The travel sector took a hit during this pandemic. However, the situation is currently recovering. Scraping tourism websites have also increased. 

Moreover, agents who provide integrated tourism services such as ticketing and restaurant reservations prefer Tripadvisor. 

In order to serve the public, smart people employ web scraping to construct price comparison services. You may also construct a flight ticket price comparison service to help you find the cheapest deals.

Bottom Line

Having access to current data on any subject is now a requirement due to the exponential growth of the Internet and the reliance of organizations on data.

Data is now the foundation of all decision-making processes, whether for profit or not. Thus, web scraping is used in every notable endeavor nowadays.

So, the following websites mentioned can actually help you for web scraping and make your data and information extraction simpler and convenient.