Want to Revamp Your Cycling Routine

Are you tired of the same old cycle/training bike at your home? It does get to your head, we know. To those of you who want to change that boring routine, we give you Vingo, the most advanced Indoor cycling app. With Vingo, you can radicalise your cycling routine and get excited to ride your bike every day. While there are many practical guides that are available on the internet, we have one important guide that can help you change your cycling routine for the better.

Cycling is Going through a Huge Change

As you know already, the cycling part of the exercise world has been going through a lot of changes lately. First, people rode cycles to long distances everyday and then there came Indoor cycling with training bikes, where people didn’t have to leave their homes, out into polluted roads. Now, people feel like they are trapped in their houses while working out on their training bikes. They want to feel the outdoors again. This is where the Vingo app comes in. It can provide you the outdoors all the while you are comfortably working out indoors.

Connect Your Training Bike With the App

All you have to do is connect the app with your training bike. You will need to install Vingo from the App Store, onto your iPhone or iPad first. Once installed, you can pair it with your equipment via Bluetooth. The app will automatically monitor your training bike from then on. It will assess your speed, your inclinations, resistance settings, and much more, as you cycle on the bike. It is your own private fitness trainer from now on.

Cycle Into The Virtual World of Vingo

Inside the Vingo app, you can find a lot of tracks and routes loaded and ready. These spots are the ones that will give you the outdoor experience you need most. The tracks are filled with picturesque locations, all of which will take your mind off the stress of cycling and let you enjoy your ride. It will be like a private virtual tour and you are the VIP customer. This is why we call this phenomenon as Online cycling, for you will be going on an online virtual adventure, without stepping a toe out of your home.

Take Your Family & Friends On An Online Adventure

You can also take your loved ones on a fun filled family picnic in the virtual space. Each of you can join through a single account and all of your equipment can be connected through a single account. When you work-out as a family, all your morale tends to get better too.

Win Races And Competitions As a Team

Also, you can take part in the virtual races and competitions happening inside Vingo. There will be cycling races for avid cyclists, and for those who use Vingo as an best app for running, there will always be running races, marathons, sprints etc. You can join these cyber races with your team and win too.