This post will discuss, which is becoming increasingly popular in recent years as a travel management platform.

Are you looking for tour organizers to help plan your next trip? This article is for you. This article will focus on a popular platform in the United States for its tour planning service. This is how this platform began.

The platform we’re discussing is called wannagetaway. This platform is popular because it offers travel services. The main site is, but people also search it as wannagetaway. Let’s continue and discuss further in this post.

About wannagetaway –

It’s a tourism platform that offers travel services. All travelers can offer services, whether they’re solo travelers, couples and groups of friends. According to their official platform, they offer unique services for travelers. They have firsthand knowledge about the best places to stay and travel and can help with vacation budgets.

It provides personalized attention to customers, which is what makes this platform stand out from other booking apps. The platform offers travelers around the world a range of travel packages.


Below are some pointers to help you decide if this is a safe platform for booking your travel packages.

  • Domain name –
  • Trust score – 81% of 100%
  • SSL certificate – This certificate is valid for the website.
  • Https protocol – available.
  • Domain creation date – 05/15/2013.
  • Domain expiration date – 05/15/2023.
  • Overview – The overview section of the official site is professional.
  • Customer reviews – Low customer reviews.

The above mentioned factors are taken into consideration for the legit platform. However, customer reviews on seem suspicious. Let’s look into the reviews from customers of their official platform.

Customer reviews on –

Customer reviews can be a good way to confirm the platform’s credibility and services. There are many testimonials about the platform on its official website. It lacks reviews on other websites, like social media, which makes it suspicious.

The platform is not new and should have many reviews. However, this is not the case. They have many positive testimonials, and their customers seem satisfied with their services. Check out the official Facebook profile for the wannagetaway site

Final Verdict –

The platform is great but some of the customer reviews are suspicious. Do not purchase any services from this platform without first verifying with your trusted ones. There are many other options on the internet for travel management platforms that are cheap and reliable.

What are you thoughts about the wannagetaway Travel Platform? Have you ever used their services? Leave a comment below about how you found their services. Do share this post for others.