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Many websites in the United States con inexperienced Internet users by creating a false sense that they are in an emergency. Did you know such websites include keywords for reputed companies or relate to well-known brands? It makes it possible for scam websites to be listed at the top of search engines. This website is trending because of its URL matching the keyword WalmartGiftCard. Let’s see if is authentic. is an older commercial website. It was launched on 10 May 2009. It is an old website, twelve years, 11 months and 26 days. The website was last updated in April 2021. has been registered in the high risk country Bahamas.’s life expectancy is long as it expires on 10 May 2025, after which it will expire after 3 years and 4 days. was founded over 30 years ago. It has yet to achieve a high trust score. The site has a low Alexa Rank of Rank and a average business ranking at 58.1%. is a suspicious website that has a 21% suspicion rating. is a website that uses HTTP protocol. They have a valid SSL Certificate for the next five day. plagiarizes the content of its privacy policy from is not a source for terms, customer details or owner information. Privacy Corp. protects the information of website owners and contact details. cannot be found on social media platforms.

Services, a single-page website that offers links to verify details about Walmart Gift Card Details, is But, all Walmartgiftcard com link redirects users to There are options to search for your specific requirement. The website is a search engine that offers highly relevant sponsored links.

One active link on, which is for checking the balance of a gift card, redirects you to, which comes up as an advertisement for buying McAfee Total Protection services. As it warns users that their computer may be at risk from viruses and threats, the advertisement could appear to be an emergency.

Walmartgiftcard com deviating users:

If the alert message is read carefully, users will be encouraged to check their security update first. An offer of a 50% discount on their first year may tempt inexperienced internet users to click the option to subscribe for anti-virus service.

Conclusion: fraud. The website does not endorse it. is not rated by customers. is registered using the URL to grab the attention inexperienced internet users. It has a poor trust score and Alexa ranking.

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