Are you looking to make your living spaces vibrant? Are you in search of wallpaper that can create a beautiful home to your liking? If you’re also an avid lover of beauty this article can assist you in a way. We will provide information about an online shop that sells innovative designs for self-adhesive wallpaper.

According to the company’s social media profiles, it appears that people who are from across the United States and other countries around are using the brand’s products.

Read the Wall Blush Reviews article to learn all the necessary information to help you make your final choice.

Wall Blush information:

It’s an American-based online store with a vision to enhance the homes of its customers. Wall blush was launched in the year the year 2018 to satisfy the desire of customers to embellish their homes at a reasonable cost.

It states that through its interior decor that customers will be able to enjoy a luxurious appearance, and due to the customizing of the products, the interior decor will feature a distinct mix and unique.

and the Vinyl that is used for making wallpaper adhesive has the ability to ensure that walls won’t be affected according to our research regarding the following questions: Are Wall Blush legitimate and not?

The most prominent signature lines mentioned by its products are :

  • Katie Small Line,
  • Salem Gideon Line,
  • Clements Line,
  • Tamra Judge Line
  • Kail Lowry Line,

Along with other distinctive lines that are available on the website and a variety of designs within each. Additionally, Wall Blush has Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper and Murals style designs within its designs that can provide the perfect look to your walls.

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Description to Wall Blush Reviews :

  • Domain’s age The site is approximately six months old and 2 years and was first created on August 21, 2019.
  • Url: –
  • Category Category: Home Decor online store.
  • Email: – [email protected]
  • Address: – Not mentioned.
  • Pay Options Pay with: MasterCard, Visa, AmEx.
  • Return policy The days for return are specified clearly.
  • Return Policy The buyer is able to return the item in the event of damage or defective. If not, there will be there will be no refund or replacement.
  • Total Delivery Time 17-25 working days (standard timing).
  • Shipping policy: – Not mentioned.

The pros of this site to Wall Blush Reviews :

  • The site has been designed using a an intuitive user interface.
  • The site is secured with a lock that helps protect the data of users.
  • Links to social media are provided on the website.
  • The quality of the product and the descriptions are attractive.

Con’s of the website:

  • The website is not eligible for public domain.
  • Alexa rank of the website is very high.
  • However, the Trust score, or the score for domains, is significantly below the an average.
  • The brand’s interactions with its customers (both prospective and existing) is extremely low.

Does Wall Blush have a valid license? ?

Follow the steps below to remove your Confusion breed of the above information.

  • website trust score:The website has an average trust rating of 23 percent which is much lower than the average score of an online store.
  • Alexa Ranking: The website is ranked 919198 in the Alexa index, which is way too high. This means that the site has lower customer reach.
  • Customer reviews:There are reviews from the perspective of the customers however they are not positive and don’t match reviews on social media.
  • Social Media Link Different social network hyperlinks are provided on the website, however there are only a few interactions according to our research on Wall Blush Reviews.
  • Incomplete DescriptionAlmost every description of a product are provided with adequate specifications and options for customization.
  • The website’s age isThe web site has been around for two and one-half years old.
  • Veracity of Contact Address The details of the address are not specific. are provided on the site.
  • Invalid policies:Shipping and return policies are not clearly defined.

User Reviews

Based on our research we have found that the company has published customers reviews of their products and services however, they don’t correspond with reviews posted on social media sites. It suggests some shady motive.


To close Wall Blush Reviews The site is filled with beautifully created wallpapers that will give your house an appealing style. Be cautious, however, since our research hasn’t identified it as a legitimate site.

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