Today’s article Wake County Sheriff Election 2022 will inform the readers about the new sheriff elected in Wake County, and the results.

Have you heard anything about the election of the Wake County sheriff? Today we will share all the details. Wake County can be found in the North Carolina region, United States . Wake County’s Sheriff’s Office is the central law enforcement power. They elect the Sheriff for four-year terms.

You can read the entire article about the Wake County Sheriff Election 2202 to learn more and see the results.

Why Are These Elections Trending?

Wake County’s Sheriff serves the primary purpose of providing better law enforcement. The election is becoming a trending topic as people seek out the winner of 2022. To be elected Sheriff of Wake County, one must have these core values.

  • Good Moral Character
  • Transparency in the work they do.
  • Service consistency.
  • Accountability of their services

Gerald Baker was a Democrat and the former Sheriff. He performed his duties with sincerity as well as dedication during his tenure. People are eagerly looking for the Wake County Sheriff Election Results as he was unable to deal with the public protest “Black Lives Matter” in 2020. This led to increased conflict in the area.

Baker was also accused for retaliation, discrimination, and harassment by former employees. The most serious is the one in which Baker saved a close friend from suspension when he made racial remarks during training. Instead, he fired two other employees for reporting the incident.

The result is that there is much speculation about who will be the next Sheriff.

Who Will Win Wake County Sheriff Election 2022

There are 10 contestants in total, including 3 Republicans and 7 Democrats. Gerald Baker (the former Sheriff) is also participating in elections under the 7 Democratic Candidates.

Here are the names and addresses of seven democratic leaders:

  • Joe Coley
  • Randolph Baity,
  • Gerald Baker (Former Sheriff)
  • Tommy Mathews
  • Cedric Hering
  • Roy Taylor
  • Willie Rowe.

The names for the three Republicans are:

  • Donnie Harrison,
  • David Blackwelder
  • Tivon Howard.

It was a great competition for votes between all ten candidates. Willie Rowe won Wake County Sheriff Election 2022, in the Democratic Primary section. Donnie Harrison, an ex-Sheriff, won by 80%.


Today’s post outlines the details of today’s election, as well as the results. We also provided some background information on the Wake County Sheriff. As we have shared, Willie Rowe, Donnie Harrison, and the Democratic and Republic fields won respectively. You can find more information at this link about the Wake County Sheriff Election.

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