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Voilà AI Artist MOD APK is currently one of the hottest editing applications today. Everywhere on social networks, you can see traces of Voilà AI Artist (or similar apps) through finished products as lovely Pixar cartoon style photos.

Introduce about Voilà AI Artist

The hottest cartoon photo creating application today!

A way of making fun at home

The world is going through a difficult time when everyone is hesitant to move as they worry for their own and family’s safety. At this time, applications with the slogan “bringing joy” will become a temporary, fun, and effective solution. They quickly become hot trends on social networks. Before these social distancing situations, we have also witnessed the rapid spread of a funny image-making app, FaceApp that turns you into an old person or back to a child. And now we have Voilà AI Artist which turns your photo into a Pixar-cartoon-style one.

Voilà AI Artist is recently one of the hottest trends that users highly appreciate. With this app, your face now looks like stepping out of a classic Walt Disney cartoon. A photo of a boy will turn into princes, a photo of a girl will turn into princess while a photo of a child will turn into cute innocent dolls. Of course, they are just pure virtual images and do not imply any deep meaning. But they will be so much fun.

Well, what we need right now is these small yet joyful things, isn’t it? Importantly, these “funs” do not cost anything, it even protects your health in the current strict quarantines.

What is Voilà AI Artist?

Voilà AI Artist is one of the pioneering applications for cartoon creating functions. This compact, low-capacity app works based on deep-learning AI integration to capture, process, and turn your portrait photos into cartoon-style paintings, which you often see in classic Walt Disney cartoons. If you want, you can even watch yourself transform into a classic 18th-century figure or a funny caricature like Mr. Bean.

Is it easy to use?

Voilà AI Artist is extremely simple to use, even easier than the photo editing applications you have ever installed on your phone. Voilà AI Artist includes 4 filters for different visual effects.

  • Turn a photo into a 2D cartoon
  • An 18th-century-photo-style filter
  • Draw AI caricatures
  • Create 3D cartoon images, which is the most used filter set today

After opening the application, you can upload an existing photo from your phone or directly take one via the app, then select the filter you want to use. When a filter is selected, there are 3 more sub-modes to use. For example, when using the 3D cartoon function, 3 sub-moods including Royal 3D, Baby 3D, and Cartoon 3D are available. And in each such small mode, you can customize 4 more details: eyes, mouth, hair, color, and contrast.

After transforming, we can immediately share our new funny pic on current social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and some other sites. Or you can simply save it to your phone and see it later.

When using the free mode, the time for applying the filter on Voilà AI Artist is quite long (of course, the speed will be faster if you pay for it). There are also a lot of ads and a watermark on the pic.

What should be noted?

Anyone can download Voilà AI Artist to their phone, use it freely without creating an account. If you want to remove the watermark and ads, get more other features, and increase the speed of loading, you can pay more to use the official service, by year or by month. The cost for the paid version on Android is 2 USD/week, 4 USD/month, 21 USD/year.

Important note for Voilà AI Artist as well as other photo editing apps: read the instructions carefully. Those instructions are about the right to access the camera and take photos; reading content; modifying or deleting content in the phone’s memory; some other permissions requested from the app. Especially, when opening the app for the first time, it is necessary to select “Request application not to track activity” to avoid the risk of revealing your personal information.

Besides, maybe you will like ToonMe.

MOD APK version of Voilà AI Artist

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Voilà AI Artist MOD APK for Android

In short, there is nothing to complain about in the functionality and short-term entertainment of Voilà AI Artist. You may see a lot of pics created from this application on Facebook and Instagram. They are extremely cute and lovely (if you use the cartoon filter) or funny (if you use the caricature filter). And they are simply pics that bring joy for the owner and other people on social networks.

However, you should carefully note what I just mentioned above to avoid risks when using the application. Let’s download it and get some fun pictures for your life!