Vivien Lyra Blair shares details of a child star who has received a lot appreciation for her role in Obi ban Kenobi.

You have probably seen the first episode of Obi Kenobi. Were you impressed by the actress playing Princess Leia. Star wars fanatics in the United States as well as the United Kingdom continue to search the web for Vivien Lina.

Obi Ban is the most eagerly awaited series of this year. The two-episode premiered the 27th May. This brought Lyra to all fans’ attention. You can read Vivien Lyra Blair Imdbto learn more about Leia.

Vivienlyra Blu Movie and Shows

Vivien Lyra has only ten-years-old, but the work of Lyra says a lot. According to media reports Vivien is expected to be in all six episodes Obi Ban Kenobi, which will be released June.

  • Netflix 2020 will let you be a hero (movie)
  • The Bird Box (movies), 2018.
  • The First Lady (TV-series) 2022
  • Mr. Corman TV Series 2021
  • Goodnight Darling, (Short) 2021
  • 2019 Station 19 (TV series).
  • Waco ( TV Miniseries) 2018

Vivien Lyra Blair Imdb Family:

According to media reports, Vivien’s birth date is June 4, 2012. She will turn ten on the following day. Lyra is the child of Andrew A Blair and Liz Blair. Social media is sparsely used, but there are some photos of her mother and dad on Facebook.

She’s appeared in several films and series prior to Obi Ban Kenobi. But, The Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock was her best movie. Because it was successful on Netflix, the movie gained her great popularity. Vivien Lyra Blair rated this child actor with a 15.

Information about Vivienlyra in Digital Media:

Lyra is a fascinating character. These interesting facts are circulated in the media. Her role as Princess Leia in Obi Ban has brought her attention in Canadaand India.

  • She plays Princess Leia, Obi Bab Kenobi miniseries.
  • She was first to screen by appearing in Band Aid 2017, her 2017 film.
  • Lyra loves animals and is a vegetarian.
  • The Bird Box movie helped her to become famous.

Vivien Lyra Blair to her Character in Obi Kenobi:

Lyra plays the role of Princess Leia. This is the daughter Bail Organa & Breha Organisa. They took good care of Leia even though they were not her biological parents.

Anakin, Padme, and Anakin were Leia’s biological parents. Leia was adopted by Bail Organa after her death. In two episodes, Leia is abducted by bounty hunters.

Final verdicts

Based on internet research, Vivienlyra has done a lot for herself and Obi ban will only grow her popularity. The star wars audience can judge her acting abilities by Vivien Lyra Blair appearing in all episodes. Star wars lovers can comment on Lyra and the child actor in the comment section.