Have you figured out what the most-anticipated Netflix show is? If not, we’ve elaborately talked about it in our article.

The streaming service Netflix is adored by millions of viewers across the globe due to its capabilities. Also, it is adored due to its low access cost. Additionally, we have found it is the case that Netflix is modernizing the TV sector to a greater degree.

In this article we will look for sources that provide the truthful details of the Netflix show while revealing the truth behind the Vivian Kent journalist.

About Anna’s Inventing Anna

When we look through the trustworthy sources, we’ve discovered that the show is an Netflix show that was launched on February 11, 2019. Additionally, the show was conceived from the words of Jessica Pressler. According to reports, Inventing Anna was the idea from Shonda Rhimes.

When we look into the show, it has been receiving a large amount of traffic from viewers because of its impressive characters. In the coming paragraphs, we’ll talk about the characters.

who are you? Anna Delvey?

The series traces the past of a cheater who is actually Anna Sorokin or Anna Delvey. In our search for Anna Sorokin’s or Vivian Kent characters We have discovered that she travels through New York in the show while concealing her true identity and pretends to be an organization for charitable purposes.

The character of Anna is played by Julia Garner, whose appreciation is shared by a large number of Netflix customers.

The First Phrases About Vivian Kent

Vivian Kent is yet another crucial character from Inventing Anna who is the author of Anna The Con within the series. In the present, many readers are asking Vivian Kent to know more details. Therefore, in the next section, we will look into and provide readers with information on her.

Do Vivian Kent Journalist Exist?

After scouring through a handful of reliable sources, we’ve discovered the possibility that Vivian Kent is a virtual character on the show. She is, however, a reference to the real writer Jessica Pressler who investigated and wrote about Anna in real life. Furthermore, Jessica’s observation on Anna remains in the form of her article titled “How Anna Delvey played tricks on NYC’s Party People.’

In actuality, Jessica has done many other amazing works through her work and gained a lot of media interest. So, we can conclude the possibility that Vivian Kent is exhibiting the persona as Jessica Pressler.

Consumer Reactions

Different people have commented about Anna Sorokin and Vivian Kent along with the show through the Internet. A lot of people said it was an excellent film. However there were a few who expected more from the film and are extremely disappointed.

In total, throughout our research, we found the fact that Inventing Anna gained a 6.6/10 score on a television content website.

“The Final Words

Additionally, in this article, the explanations of the two popular characters, Anna and Vivian Kent Journalist will be described. We have uncovered facts to decide if Vivian Kent is a real-life character or not.

Reactions of visitors to this exhibit are recorded in the show’s composition to assess its value.

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