Are you searching for an online store that will satisfy your needs? Are you interested in purchasing items online at a discount? could be your next shopping destination, but make sure you are the purchase is thoroughly researched before you make a purchase to stay clear of online scams. declares itself to be the ultimate online shop for various items including toys, home improvement tools, and other gifts. But, the site seems to be a few red flags that keep conscientious and intelligent customers from staying away from the retailer.

Therefore, shoppers online from the United States are searching for impartial Vivaver reviews to help them make the best purchase.

What’s Vivaver?

Vivaver offers an internet-based shop that specializes in accessories puzzles, toys, and kits and gifts, tools, home improvement items and many more. The store claims to offer the most extensive selection of products that customers can purchase.

In addition, the store states that it offers free shipping for all purchases with a money-back promise. The site’s homepage is simple in its layout with a large selection of goods at a bargain cost. Although they claim to provide a safe shopping experience and speedy delivery, many customers across America are skeptical. United States are seeking a reliable answer to is Vivaver a legitimate business.

Continue reading to learn about its authenticity and testimonials from its customers to help you make the best buying choice.

The Portal’s Specifications The Portal

  • Website Link:
  • Products – Toys, Gifts and Home Improvement Tools Tricycles, Crafts & Crafts and much more
  • Payment Methods: Credit and Debit Card Payments and Stripe Payments
  • Phone Number: Contact Number:
  • Address address Vivaver LLC, 19370 Collins Ave, Sunny Isle Beach, Florida, 33160, USA
  • Support via email Helpdesk [email protected]
  • Domain Age – 6 Months , 21 Days, created on 30th July 2021.
  • Email Newsletters – Not available
  • Policies on Shipping and Deliveries – All orders can be shipped for free. The processing time for orders is between 2 and 7 working days when you consider the Vivaver reviews. The time to deliver varies from 7 to 10 days according to the customer’s place of residence.
  • Return and Refund Policy The return, refund and exchange policy runs for 60 days. Consumers are able to return the item and receive the full amount back within 60 days of receiving the item. After an inspection of the product and requesting a refund, the item is returned and an email confirmation will be sent to the purchasers.
  • Social Media Presence The store is active through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn as well as Pinterest

The Positive Aspects Vivaver

  • Many varieties of items such as toys gifts, and many other things
  • Free shipping for all purchases
  • Refund and return policy is available

Positive Aspects Vivaver

  • No newsletter subscription
  • Poor customer reviews
  • No owner details

Is Vivaver legitimate or a scam?

Before you shop at the store it is important to check its authenticity to avoid any unnecessary scams. After reviewing we discovered some warning signs that are worth noting. Therefore, we’ve listed them below.

  • The domain’s age is just six monthsand 21 days old, since it was launched on the 30th July 2021.
  • Additionally, the domain has been reserved for a single year, as it expires on the 30th of July in 2022.
  • The trust score of the shop is 6percent, which indicates that the store is extremely dangerous for online shopping.
  • The trust rank is not present and it is not listed. Alexa Ranking of the domain is #039 0006.
  • There are a lot of reviews of Vivaver Reviews available on the internet. The majority of customers have posted negative feedback and viewed it as to be a fraud.
  • The images and the content are copied from legitimate websites.
  • Physical address for the store is affixed to other legitimate hospitality establishments.
  • Owner’s details are not listed however, the store is present on Facebook and Twitter.

The store was deemed in doubt based on these elements.

What is the nature of customer Reviews?

A lot of customers have posted reviews or testimonials and also feedback on various websites. It is active on social networks platforms, and has been featured in numerous reviews on Vivaver. The store has received an 4.4-star rating of five on Facebook However, some users have claimed that the reviews might not be authentic.

Apart from Facebook and Twitter, the site has received a number of negative reviews from users. There are some negative feedbacks on the review video. Many are claiming it’s an ad for bad services and delivery methods.

Conclusion is an internet-based shop which claims to sell various Home Improvement tools, toys gift ideas, among other goods. But, there aren’t any reviews on Vivaver to back up the claims. In fact, a majority people have said that it’s a fraud.

Although it has been praised positively too, we advise you to be cautious and read all reviews before making a final decision. Also, we recommend to thoroughly analyze and research the retailer prior to making a purchase.